Unicorn Treasure Hunt Ideas (+ Free Unicorn Printables!)

Unicorn Treasure Hunt Ideas (+ Free Unicorn Printables!)

Free Unicorn Printables, Treasure Hunt Clues,
and Cute Ideas!

So you’ve been asked to craft a mythical unicorn party by your little one. You’ve done some browsing and found a few decoration ideas, but how are you going to keep them all interested for a few hours while the party plays out?

3 words…

Unicorn. Treasure. Hunt.

With some careful planning and a little dash of creativity, you can transform the event from just another regular birthday party, to something they’ll chat about at school for years, with just a slight sprinkle of creativity!

So, don the party planner hat, think about searching for magical unicorns, and print out our free “Official Unicorn Hunter” certificates (you can add your own names, just click on “your name” and type!).

Let’s get planning some treasure hunt ideas!

Planning The Unicorn Treasure Hunt!

Treasure hunts can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can go for a simple scavenger hunt in the garden, akin to an Easter egg hunt, or you can go all out on clues, prizes, and skill challenges that’ll have them trekking all over the house or party venue, hunting for that one big grand magical unicorn prize at the end!

To start off with, how about dressing them up with Unicorn horns, and giving them some Unicorn names?

Choose Your Unicorn Name
(Mine is “Joyful Honey Sun” by the way)

Once that’s done, explain to them how treasure hunts work, what to expect, and what they’re seeking! You can be guaranteed they’ll be super excited to get started!

When you’re ready, hand out the first clue!

Unicorn Treasure Hunt Clues

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of solving a brain-tingler, and kids love figuring clues out, even simple ones! Two sentence rhymes are a great way to get them hyped for the next step and keeping the adventure fresh and exciting!

“I’m round, bouncy, floaty, and free.
But don’t squish too hard or you might pop me!”
Answer: Balloon!
(Bonus points if you hide the next clue inside a confetti balloon in the room! They’ll love popping it to find the next clue!)

“While usually smelly, stinky, and found in the loo,
Glittery and pink is a Unicorn’s Poo!”
Answer: The bathroom! 
(Bonus points for sticking the next clue into a pot of Unicorn poo for them to discover!)

“They love prancing and dancing amidst rainbows,
But where would they go to watch their favourite shows?”
Answer: Near the TV!

“How do they stay Glittery, sparkly, and super sweet?
I guess the clue is where they get their beauty sleep!”
Answer: The bedroom!

“Rain brings out colours in a beautiful bow,
You’ll find your next clue hanging below!”
Answer: Rainbow! 
(Bonus points for tying the clue to a Rainbow balloon or centrepiece decoration!)

Unicorn Party Games

One of the best parts of treasure hunts is that other classic party games can work as little games or skill challenges. Pin the horn on the unicorn can make an excellent skill challenge if you get all the kids to direct the blindfolded player! 

Our Unicorn hoop toss game is another great example that’s sure to get them giggling! If they get enough points, hand them the next clue with some bonus treats too!

Party Food

At some stage you’ll need to feed your hungry Unicorn seekers, so why not tie the meal into the treasure hunt too?
Here’s a quick food break clue you can use:

“You’ve so very close to what you seek,
But before we get there, we’ve got to eat!”

Taking a quick break to have some food means you can sneak off to prep another part of the party while they’re chowing down on some party snacks, as well as let them excitedly talk about how the treasure hunt is going!

 You could even include the next clue at the table after the food!

The Grand Prize!

It’s important for the grand prize to be truly wonderful, and to make sure it includes lots of little gifts and treats for everybody!

A good prize could be a Unicorn Pinata filled with sweets and treats! This one is a perfect choice! Alternatively, why not hand out a collection of mini unicorn pinatas instead?

Try filling it with a bunch of glittery confetti, a few little toys, and plenty of tasty sweets and treats!
This is a good time to get the cake ready too. A great way to finish off the treasure hunt!

Now What?

Once the treasure hunt is over and the cake’s been scoffed, let them relax with whatever time is left. You can bring out some more party games and activities to play with, get their artsy side out with party crafts, watch a film, or just let them tucker themselves out playing as they normally would.

Remember to hand out some goodbye gift bags (if you haven’t already handed them treats as rewards for clues!) and include a little something for the parents too! 

Enjoy the party!

Free Printables!

Add your names to the certificate by double clicking “Your name”, adding the desired name, then click print!


  1. This is a great idea and this is something my kids will love. Thanks for the ideas and printable.

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