Dreaming of doughnuts…

Dreaming of doughnuts…

Mmmm doughnuts! When we were asked to whip up a party that was filled with sugar, spice and all things nice, we knew sweet shades of pink and pastels were going to set the scene perfectly. Oh, and did we mention doughnuts?

Chloe’s garden party was small and intimate with her bestest friends. The gorgeous spring sunshine transformed the outside space and made everyone smile for the occasion.


Colourful confetti balloons captured the essence of sugary sprinkles in floating formation!
Balloons are a great addition to any children’s party. Not only can you tie them to seating to bring some fun to the dinner table, you can hand them to guests at the end of the party with a slice of cake (or two!).

These Pick & Mix Confetti Balloons are filled with a variety of colours, bringing shades of the rainbow with them – great for a whole host of celebrations.

We love Garland Balloons – because they’re awesome! Big, bold letters are available in ready-made messages and phrases; and without the hassle of helium – you’ll have them up in no time!

Doughnut Party Backdrop

There’s something magical about sequins in the sunshine… Our sequinned backdrop delivered a sea of sparkle to the celebrations and looked great when paired with paper fans and doughnut time banners.


With oozy icing and sprinkles, Chloe’s celebration looks good enough to eat! Pink serving trays, colourful cups and tasty tablecloths make nibbles look truly scrumptious – is anyone else feeling peckish?

These favour boxes are the cutest. Not only are they great for gifting guests, they make great lunch packs, filled with sandwiches, crudités and other delicious morsels.

These miniature sprinkled doughnuts from Tesco’s are perfect for little people.

Doughnut Party Games

If you’re planning a party and love this doughnut range as much as we do, don’t let the theme stop at decor. Sprinkle some fun into party games…

Doughnut Ring Toss
Create your own doughnuts from cardboard boxes, decorating them with paint, confetti and glitter so they they look as delicious as the real thing.

Image source: The Spruce

Use baskets to create easy targets for children to toss their doughnuts into. Or why not spray paint empty bottles to make the game a little trickier!

Image source: Rachel Zimm

Image source: Pop Sugar

Hula Hooping
Hula hooping gets everyone active with a challenge to see who can keep it going around… and around… and around the longest.

Image source: Pinterest

Now, we think we’ve earned a treat after all that hard work!

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  1. Such a fun and fabulous party theme! Whether it’s for children or adults, this party theme (and the delicious food, of course) would go down a treat! The sequin backdrop is particularly spectacular and party-perfect. Thanks for sharing, definitely great inspiration.

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