Harry Potter Party with Potion Lesson

Harry Potter Party with Potion Lesson

Harry Potter Party Main

I am a Harry Potter fan, well, really who isn’t.

So planning this party for 8-year-old Alice and all her friends was great fun. Let me tell you, 30 girls dressed as Hogwarts students is a fantastic sight.

Table Styling:

I wanted the themed props to really stand out on the table so instead of black I went with ivory for the table and chair covers, with a gold sash on each chair and a burgundy runner. As well as burgundy, the other two main colours were black and gold to tie in with Gryffindor House. We had 30 guests, so a nice long table like they have in the Great Hall was a must.

The main feature for the table were the two broomsticks attached to each end and the enchanted flying keys suspended between them on clear wire.

We used Harry Potter themed plates and napkins that worked really well with our colour theme. Black cups and some fab golden straws.

Harry Potter Party Table

Other props included Harry Potter glasses, Jars with candles inside, a Harry Potter tie, Silver cups, Wand, Cauldron, Jar with fake eyeballs inside from the potions cupboard, gold plate overflowing with gold coins from Gringotts and the Golden Snitch.


We added other decorations to the room such as Harry Potter birthday bunting, clusters of balloons in the same colour theme, a giant number 8 and an owl balloon.

Party Bags: 

Black fabric party bags contained a chocolate spider, invisibility pen, sweets and giant lolly


We had a super potions lesson for the first half of the party where the children watched bubble bombs explode, popping jars, metal scream and got hands-on with some dry ice foam. They then all got to make a smoke signal and some magical slime that can be both solid and liquid.

A Little bit messy, lots of fun!

Ellie x


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