Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party

It’s time to head to Hogwarts. Fun, enchanting and nothing short of magical, the new Party Pieces Harry Potter Collection celebrates the best of the beloved book and movie series.

Harry Potter Party Main


For your invitation send an official Hogwarts letter crafted on tea-stained paper sure to be the most exciting letter in a young witch or wizard’s life!

Harry Potter Party Invitation


Your guests will surely know they have arrived at the right place at Kings Cross Station when they spot Hedwig and all their packed school supplies (old boxes wrapped in brown paper and twine).

Harry Potter Party Platform 93/4


No need for Marauder’s Map, guide your guests to all your favourite places with these printable wooden arrows; pointing the way from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Party Sign Posts


Make your space even more magical with a few of these free printable signs: stick the “This way to Ministry of Magic” in the bathroom, the Invisibility Cloak sign in your hallway and “Broomstick Parking” at the front door.

Harry Potter Party Broomstick Parking

Harry Potter Party Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Party Ministry of Magic


Encourage guests to come dressed the part, or set up a mini dress up station featuring a few classic props like schoolhouse badges and scarves or create many Harry Potter look-alikes with black round glasses and sketched on scars.

Harry Potter Party Glasses


Buy a few magic wands or craft your own from chopsticks, a glue gun and metallic and brown paint. Place the wands on a tray, blindfold each guest and let “the wand choose the wizard”. Afterwards, hand out the printable spell worksheet and everyone can practice waving their wands and casting a few magical spells.

Harry Potter Party Wands


Make your own bath oil by setting up a potion station. Guests get to work by their beakers and bottles with coloured water, a drop or two of aromatherapy oils and herbs like lavender and rose petals. A sprinkle of glitter will add that little bit of magic!

Harry Potter Party Potions Class

Harry Potter Party Potions Class 2

Harry Potter Party Potions Class 3


A lesson in Herbology is a great way for kids to learn to properly plant and care for an indoor plant – just be sure to have some earmuffs handy! And to warn others too, label the plant with the free printable sign and one could even provide paint and brushes to further decorate the pots.

Harry Potter Party Make a Mandrake


Set aside time for a lunch break in the Great Hall where the table has been set with Harry Potter themed paper plates, cups and napkins.

Harry Potter Party Great Hall

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 2

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 3

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 4

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 5

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 6

Harry Potter Party Great Hall 7


Serve up brightly coloured fizzy drinks and Gilly Water, using the printable buffet and water bottle labels.

Harry Potter Party Dumbledors Drinks

Harry Potter Party Dumbledors Drinks 2

Harry Potter Party Dumbledors Drinks 3


For simple snacks serve Ollivander’s Breadstick Wands, Professor Snape Sandwiches and Hufflepuff Popcorn. Or make Slytherin Sausages by taking Vienna sausages and wrapping them in pastry strips, bake for 15 minutes in a 180 degree Celsius oven, and serve with mustard and tomato sauce dips.

Harry Potter Party Olivanders Breadstick Wands

Harry Potter Party Hufflepuff Popcorn

Harry Potter Party Slytherin Sausages


For dessert, pop into The Three Broomsticks for a pint of butterbeer: make a root beer float by filling a glass beer mug with root beer or ginger beer, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topped with caramel sauce.

Harry Potter Party Butterbeer


Set aside some brooms for guests to ride around or how about a game of “jumping the brooms”. Place three brooms parallel to each other. All the guests then stand in a line and one at a time each guest places one step into the space between each broom. The next guests have a turn to “jump” between the brooms. After everyone has had a go, move the brooms further apart from each other. Thereby making it more difficult to step between the brooms. If a player places more than one step in the space between the brooms or touches a broom, they are out. Soon your guests will be flying through the air to make the jumps. The last player who is left is the winner.


Whilst it is likely your guests will not yet be able to play Quidditch flying, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a turn at whacking a bludger or catching the golden snitch; by playing a game more along the lines of broom hockey.

Harry Potter Party Quidditch


All the gold galleons in Gringott’s Bank have been stolen and are hidden around the town of Diagon Alley, can you find them?

Harry Potter Party Gringots


Give everyone a chance to free a house elf, by having them toss a sock to Dobby. Hand out a sweet for each sock that successfully lands in the basket.

Harry Potter Party Dobbys Socks


Open your own candy shop. Fill glass jars and bowls with sweet treats and use the printable Honeyduke’s sign and candy labels to tempt your guests to chocolate frogs, golden snitches and chocolate wands.

Harry Potter Party Honeydukes

Harry Potter Party Honeydukes 2

Harry Potter Party Honeydukes 3

Harry Potter Party Honeydukes 4


No party is complete without Harry Potter’s favourite candy. Get a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and let everyone have a tasty jelly bean or two; hopefully not one of the weird and wild ones!

Harry Potter Party Berty Botts Every Flavour Beans


Let guests head home with a school bag of supplies: Party Pieces have goodies like pencils, stretchy bracelets, plastic gift cups and make your own little bottles of Floo Powder by filling mini glass jars with popping candy or Dumbledore’s favourite: lemon drops.

Harry Potter Party Bags

Harry Potter Party Floo Powder

Find all the free printables here



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