Real Party – A Jungle Party for Triplets!

Real Party – A Jungle Party for Triplets!

We recently teamed up with a very talented lady named Rosie Parsons, who is an award-winning photographer and online tutor! Rosie was looking to throw the coolest jungle party for her triplets and as you can see below, she definitely achieved that! Here’s what Rosie had to say about the day…

Jungle Party

I wanted to throw them a really special party to celebrate and needed to come up with a theme that all three would approve of. Not an easy task when you have two girls and a boy who all have very different likes and dislikes!

Fortunately one love unites them all, and that is their love of animals! I decided to create a jungle themed party for them, but when I started doing some research for ideas on Pinterest I was faced with a wall of greens, browns and animal prints. That definitely has a place, but to keep my little girls happy (and I must admit because I wanted to get a lot of beautiful photos!) I really wanted to inject a lot more colour into the party.

I was lucky enough to partner up with the UK’s number one party website Party Pieces to create the triplets party – so I was able to enjoy an evening delving deep into their beautiful website of gorgeous party decor to get some unique inspiration!

I decided to keep the jungle theme but add in the colour by giving it a tropical rainforest twist. That meant I could easily add in lime greens, yellows, hot pinks and other vivid colours that would really make the party pop!

Jungle Party

Having the tropical rainforest edge also meant that my ideas for jungle party costumes for the children were also opened up tremendously. I teamed up with the lovely Kirsty from luxury children’s clothing brand Wild Things on Not on the High Street so that Sienna could go as a butterfly, Summer could be a tropical bird, Jacob was a lion and Zach a tiger. They looked sooooo cute!!

You don’t need to tell me that there is a heck of a lot of organising to be done for a birthday party! I had just an hour to set up the village hall with my friends and family before guests arrived and it was totally manic! But just like a wedding, once all the hard work and planning is over, all you’ll have left is the memories and the photographs, so it is really important to take them even if you’re stressed and sweating and flapping about and to make sure they are nice!

Jungle Party-135

Jungle Party-132

Jungle Party-127

Jungle Party-118

Jungle Party-117

Jungle Party-116

Jungle Party-114

Jungle Party-111

Jungle Party-110

Jungle Party-107

Jungle Party-106

Jungle Party-105

Jungle Party-102

Jungle Party-101

Jungle Party-99

Jungle Party-25

Rosie has also shared her jungle party on her own blog, check it out here for her top tips and a list of all the fabulous suppliers involved! As you can see Rosie used lots of our jungle and flamingo themed party products, if you have any questions about which products she’s used please feel free to comment below or email us!


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