Real Party – Christmas Afternoon Tea

Real Party – Christmas Afternoon Tea

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Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and I tend to do a lot of entertaining in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I love to decorate my home using lots of pretty vintage Christmassy items which guests always enjoy and it’s such a lovely time of year for creating a magical atmosphere with lots of candles, fairy lights and festive music.  I have a large collection of vintage postcards which are all around 100 years old which I string along my mantel with little wooden pegs. I also have lots of coloured glass baubles from the 1950’s which I display in antique sweetie jars and also hang some in an antique gold frame with little fairy lights which looks very effective. I also think it’s important to have a welcoming look at your front door which is the first impression guests have when they arrive. I have a gorgeous Christmas bauble front door mat this year along with some lanterns and bright pink wellies with ribbons.

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So to start off my festive entertaining this year I decided to host an afternoon tea party for some lovely girls some of whom I only knew from Instagram. I absolutely love meeting new people and really enjoyed planning it all and making sure that I created a warm and relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.  I do love a good tea party and my key elements to making it a success are a really pretty table, atmospheric lighting and music and of course the food! I made pink macarons and decorated them with edible gold leaf and also made little desserts in shot glasses. I used 3 tier cake stands with sandwiches. tiny little scones with jam & clotted cream and the little desserts on the top tier.

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I had a pink and gold theme with lots of gorgeous polka dot paper fans dotted around the room and I set the table with antique tuscan teacups and  filled pink jugs with pink roses and gold twigs and used pink dinner candles and lots of little tealights.  I used the gorgeous Liberty Betsy napkins and straws and made up a Liberty party bag for each guest with a heart gift tag with their initial on it. I made each guest a little tealight jar using Christmas ribbon and some Belle & Boo fabric and was really pleased with how they turned out!  I also made place cards for all the guests with their names on as it saves any awkwardness of people wondering where to sit and adds a little personal touch.


One of my favourite parts of my Christmas decor this year are the gorgeous gold star garlands which I cut into strips and then hung from my dining room window along with some crystals and fairylights and a lantern on the windowsill. They look super pretty and twinkly and are really lovely from the outside as well as inside. I also have a lovely collection of vintage tins which I incorporated into my festive decor and I especially love the old Quality Street ones which evoke real feelings of nostalgia.

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Once all the guests had arrived and all the introductions were made we all sat down around the table and got to know one another properly over tea and macarons! Everyone was utterly delightful and the conversation didn’t falter and many hilarious stories were shared and we chatted for hours and none of us wanted it to end which is always the sign of a successful party!

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I had such lovely messages from everyone afterwards and they were all so appreciative and kind and I was thrilled that it was such a success  and we will definitely all be meeting up again in the future!



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  1. Lovely post Louise, it was such a great afternoon , so lovely to meet friends old and new. Thanks again so much for hosting xx

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