Real Party: Fireman Party

Real Party: Fireman Party

Sound the alarm!

Follow in the footsteps of Fireman Sam and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his co-workers can be counted on to jump into a fire engine, hop onto a helicopter, or even launch an inflatable lifeboat to battle blazes, mount rescue missions, or provide medical attention to those in need. Not only will your fireman-themed party be full of fun, but also the little ones are sure to learn a valuable lesson or two on fire safety.

fireman party main


Invite your friends by printing out the free printable party invitations, you can even customise plain red envelopes with the printable paper featuring firemen, ladders and fire trucks!

fireman party invitations


Decorate the party area with our free printable Fire Station Door Sign, HAPPY BIRTHDAY bunting and Fireman Sam bunting and banners. Add some giant red, white or black giant helium balloons. We took white balloons and added black polka dot stickers to make a bunch of Dalmatian themed ones.

fireman party sign fireman party dalmatian balloons fireman party bunting


Feeling crafty? Make up tissue paper poms to look like fireballs, all you need to do is make the poms using red and yellow tissue paper, or buy some ready-made ones from Party Pieces.


For your fireman themed party table, set on top our printable placement Fireman Sam paper plates, cups and napkins and in the centre add little wooden or metal house ornaments together with fiery yellow and red flowers and a Fireman Sam play toy or two.

fireman party tableware fireman party plates  fireman party houses fireman party placemat


For drinks, fill giant galvanised buckets with ice and water carafes with customised fire hydrant labels. You could also make a red punch (think strawberry or cherry flavoured).

fireman party drinks


Make your own “Hot Dog” Station. Have a range of all different types of toppings, and the kids can then take a hot dog and bun and decorate at will:

Chopped Tomatoes, Chopped Onions, Tomato Sauce, Mustard, Chopped Red and Yellow Peppers and Chillies (for the adults)

For a quick buffet of snacks consider items like Mini Hot Dogs, Mini Meat Balls, Tortilla Chips and other Tomato Sauce Flavoured Chips; serve in paper cones using the printable party patterned paper.

fireman party hotdogs


Set up a Sweet Dessert Display. In the centre have an impressive cake in the shape of a fireman’s hat, fire hydrant, truck or Dalmatian dog complete with Fireman Sam candles. Alternatively, or in addition, have a cupcake stand of iced cupcakes using our cupcake circle toppers. Fill glass jars and/or metal buckets with red, white and black sweets: Fire Balls, Mini Bar Ones, Red and Brown M&Ms, Smarties or Jelly Beans, White Marshmallows, Red and White Lollipops and red liquorice rolled to look like fire hoses.

fireman party sweets fireman party sweets fireman party treat cupfireman party sweets

fireman party cakes


To be a fireman, you need to be physically fit, capable of lifting heavy objects and able to perform all sorts of other tasks; so why not create your own obstacle course for fireman training.

The Firefighter’s Rescue Challenge, could include:

  • Putting on a fire hat (see the Party Pieces costume options)
  • Slipping down a slide
  • Driving a toy car across the yard to a playhouse (erupting in paper flames)
  • Picking up a length of garden hose and pretending to douse the fire
  • Running to a ladder to rescue a stuffed animal trapped in a tree
  • And driving the toy car back to the start
  • At the end, present each child with the printable certificate, and a printable fire fighter’s badge

fireman party hatfireman party cat fireman party badgefireman party certificates


One can also organise a water relay race and/or a water balloon fight; but best to plan this for sunny weather and outdoors. If you are stuck indoors, try a few rounds of our printable pin the tail on the Dalmatian dog or smacking the Fire Engine Piñata.

fireman party water balloonsfireman party dalmatian game


For the ultimate party activity, arrange for a tour of your local fire station. Kids often get to tour the sleeping quarters, sit in the front seat of a real fire truck, and even slide down the fireman’s pole. This is also a great photo opportunity!


For an ideal favour buy some mini red plastic buckets or fill party bags with some of these “fire themed goodies”

  • Fire Extinguisher Bubbles from Party Pieces
  • Rocket balloons
  • Water balloons – in red, white, black and yellow
  • Fireman Sam stationery sets and stickers
  • Lego pieces in reds, yellows, black and white
  • Turn pretzel sticks into edible matchsticks by dipping pretzel sticks into red icing. Then place inside in a box and add a printable favour tag.

fireman party sweet bags  fireman party edible matchsticks

Download all the free printables here.


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