Real Party: Gorgeous & Girly Christening

Real Party: Gorgeous & Girly Christening

This week we’re super excited to share a gorgeous and girly christening from Rita at Life at Belgrove. Here’s what Rita has to say about her daughter’s christening.

I’m so excited to finally share with you some of the details from our little girl’s christening! A bit of background…Having had our son’s christening in a hotel we decided, due to it being summer, why not hold it at home? We have plenty of space outside and with it being July surely we’d get a dry day! Unfortunately, in classic Northern Irish weather style it absolutely pelted down the day we decided to take everything inside and not risk the fact it might also rain the day of the event. Now let me explain how we decorated!

Girls Christening 1

Usually, with a christening, people go for a white theme but I decided to jazz it up and used the bits and pieces belonging to the Ditsy Floral range. Girly, sassy and fun, exactly what Sadies personality has been so far!

Girls Christening 2

Using the pinwheels and bunting, we decorated little areas throughout the kitchen, hall and living room-the pieces were perfect for setting the scene.

Girl Christening 7

Everyone was raving about the decorations and said we should keep them up full time…though the husband disagreed!

Girls Christening 3

On the dessert table, we used the sequin table runner and the inflatable letters to tie it all together!

Girl Christening 4

Alongside that, I got the super cute selection of paper plates and cups for the party! I think you’ll agree, they look fab!

Girl Christening 6

During the day…the sun came out so we got to use of the white floral petal backdrop which was after a great backdrop for some family snaps!! A great addition to an outdoor party!

Girl Christening 5

All in all a successful day and Sadie was none the wiser on #raingate!

Girl Christening 8

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