Real Party: Lets Be Mermaids

Real Party: Lets Be Mermaids

Everyone’s daydreamed about becoming mermaid at some point, right? We know we have! So when we met Tilly, we couldn’t help but get a little bit excited when she told us all about mermaids being her favourite and her wish for a birthday party with only her ‘bestest’ friends – because sorry, this is for mermaids only!

Mermaid Children's Party The gorgeously girlie ‘Glitter Mermaid‘ range from Party Pieces is every little mermaid’s dream. With pinks, purples and shimmery scales, these party accessories add a touch of aquatic magic.

We created custom cutlery tags to welcome Tilly’s best friends to her underwater world before tucking into a plenty of treats! Talking of treats, what’s a birthday party without cake?

This delicious Gold Shimmer Chocolate Cake from Tesco pairs perfectly with these Cake Toppers. Cute little mermaids AND chocolate cake!? YES PLEASE!

Tables dressed with our handmade coral and Glitter Mermaid Tails Garland set the scene for our giggling mermaid girls, bringing added mermaid magic to the room.

Tilly’s Mum had made a feast of food, with themed creations to keep everything perfect for the birthday girl. But whether it’s sugary seaweed or crabby croissants, if you’re planning your own mer-mazing party, there’s a whole heap of nibbles that you can get creative with to bring sea-style to the table!

Tilly’s mermaids decorated their scales with these Mini Mermaid Tattoos – they make for a great activity for children to do themselves or party bag fillers.

Balloons are great for any sea themed party as they create bubble-like movement, no matter what colour you choose! These foil Glitter Mermaid Helium Balloons add a shimmer and sparkle that’s party perfect.

If you’re planning a party for your own little mermaid, enjoy a celebration that’s filled with mermaid kisses and starfish wishes!


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