Real Party: Llama Party

Real Party: Llama Party

 No Probllama!

For my daughter Bailey’s 9th Birthday Party, we were inspired by the current trend of llamas and created a party all about these cool animals and even visited a Llama Farm.

llama party


Here the kids were first given a mini lesson all about llamas: they got to touch different fur and hides, see products made from the llama wool, identify llamas versus other camelids and learn interesting facts about how they eat, and yes, they do spit! We then headed to the barn where we got to feed the llamas and act like ones too – as we were able to stand right next to them in their stalls. Afterwards, we went outside where everyone got turns leading the llamas around. They were really tame so even a few hugs were given! To end off everyone went for a stroll into the fields.

llama herd llama hide llama feeding llama petting llama hay llama walking llama photo


For the party, we created a Llama themed invitation as well as lots of other matching party printables that you too can use for your llama themed party too. My favourite thing though is the joke regarding the RSVP detail at the bottom of the invitation…

llama invitiations


When I plan for any birthday, I have a little list of categories to cover: first up is the “theme”, second the “invitation” and then third is “room decorations”. This is quite a broad category but I try to cover three bases: 1. Wall signs/posters; 2. Balloons/honeycombs etc. and 3. Bunting and Garlands.

For Bailey’s Llama Party I decided to do all three, and I have included the free printables here so you too can print and stick them up at your Llama party or just for fun for décor in a bedroom/playroom. To make a quick “frame” sticky tape some thin balsa wood to the top and bottom of the picture. As it is soft wood, I was able to pierce two holes at the top just with scissors and then thread through twine. The whole picture is very light, so I just stuck it to the wall with prestik.

llama poster

cactus poster


I love bunting, not so much the stringing it up part… that’s why I’ve learnt to do it early when I’m not on a time constraint and I now just use mini pegs instead of punching and threading it! If you are having a Llama Party, feel free to download, print and cut out this HAPPY BIRTHDAY garland. And the cute cacti garlands I bought from Party Pieces; or now you can even get Llama-themed bunting complete with pom pom trim!

llama bunting cactus bunting


When I throw a kids party and there are lots of guests, I usually divide the kids into two teams that way we can either rotate the activities from station to station or have them compete against one another for a bit more organisation and team spirit. I make little paper badges to identify who is who – and this was done at the Llama party using the paper party circles for TEAM LLAMA and TEAM CACTUS. These are simply cut out and pinned onto their shirts with safety pins.

llama badges


As we were travelling to the Llama farm for Bailey’s birthday, we made these little travel bags for the ride. The canvas bags I found at IKEA and then the pom pom and llama key rings we found at a flea market. We filled the bags with some crackers and gummi bears and then a pen and a LLAMA BINGO sheet. The idea being that during the journey everyone tries to spot the items on the sheet and the first one to cross off all the items on the card (the middle llama one being a freebie) shouts LLAMA and wins a small prize. It was good fun and helped make the time go by quickly.

llama party bags llama bingo


Planning the table and buffet decorations for the Llama Party ended up being so easy as there were lots and lots of great goodies available this summer in stores. I bought from IKEA real cacti, ceramic cacti, candles and the little colourful tin buckets. Even the little framed postcard of cacti in a standing cork base is from IKEA. I’m not sure where I found the fake cacti plants but those little baby llamas are from the toy store. These props are not only great for a Llama party everything very trendy for summer parties. And last but not least, the easiest way to make a fun decorative centrepiece is to pop a cactus into a tin bucket and add one of these “No Probllama” pennant flags!

llama centrepiece  ceramic cactus ceramic cactus flowers ceramic cactus cacti and llama toy


Party Pieces really do have the best party supplies and so I was so thrilled that Bailey’s llama party lent itself to their cacti collection. I loved how excited Bailey and Zara were about the cute cacti cake plates, and they matched the cups and napkins perfectly.

Other cute table details included printable place cards and water bottle labels – that we made even cuter with the Innocent fruit juices’ woollen hats we collected through the winter! Here are the free printables, if you are keen to set your own llama table.

llama placecards

BONUS: Party Pieces now have a Llama range, which is just the best news ever!


For the party, I decided to make my own trail mix and then pop scoops of the snack into little cellophane bags topped with these little free printable TRAIL MIX tags. Cute and so easy to do – perfect for our llama trek in the mountains.

I don’t have a proper recipe but preheat your oven to 180 degrees and position a rack in the centre of the oven. In a large mixing bowl, add allsorts of nuts: cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecan nuts and then add coconut flakes, almond flakes and cranberries. Sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on top. In a small pot over low heat, warm coconut oil and maple syrup and pour over the dry ingredients and mix well. Spread the mixture evenly onto a large baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until deep golden brown. The coconut oil will help this granola crisp up nicely, but be sure to watch it carefully as it browns quickly. Once the granola is done cooking, remove from the oven and let cool completely. Store in a container with an airtight seal, and it should keep for a few weeks.

llama trail mix


On our buffet, I set a little Sips and Sweets station. Here the kids could get some juice and a little bag of sweet treats. And in the centre was the amazing cake Llama cake. The Llama is completely hand made from sugar – as too the succulent flowers! Best of all it tasted as good as it looks. Here are some free cute little Sips and Treats signs for you to download for your own Llama buffet.

llama buffetllama drinksllama sweetsllama cakellama cake


I always like to plan a few structured games for kids’ parties. We actually ran out of time so didn’t have a chance to play all of them; but if you are keen here is a little poster and tails for a game of Pin the Tail on a Llama.

pin the tail on the llama game


I found a fun new game that you can play at any type of party: just get stickers to match! Everyone at the party has some stickers and must get rid of all of them by sticking them to the other guests without them noticing. If someone catches you, they can stick one of his/her stickers on you. First one to empty their sticker sheet wins!

llama stickers


A cute and inexpensive craft is to have the kids make their own little cacti pots. You will need little pots, colourful stones/sand, large pebble stones, different colours of green paint, paintbrushes and a tippex pen. The kids then simply paint a pebble, and whilst they are waiting for it to dry; fill a little pot with small stones or colourful sand. Once dry, they use the tippex pen to paint on some “prickles” and then pop the stone into the little pot. A perfectly “safe” cacti favour for little ones.

cactus crafting


Have you seen the new amazing piñata at Party Pieces that is a llama? This is reason alone to have a llama party!

burro pinata


I’m always on the lookout for easy and fun games to play at birthday parties for my kids. Especially now that the girls are older, I want some party games that will keep them entertained but aren’t too juvenile for their “cool” tween status. So I was so happy to find this Candy Bar Game online. The kids loved it and I am pretty sure it is perfect for all ages; I know I would jump at the chance to play it!


  • A large assortment of candy and chocolate bars (make sure they are all different kinds — that’s what makes the game fun. Have at least one for each player and another 4 or more for the “pot” in the centre)
  • Paper Bag/sack for each player
  • A Bowl
  • A Die
  • A timer (you can use your phone)


Have everyone sit in a circle; each player is given one candy bar in a sack. The leftover candy bars are placed in the bowl in the middle.

Set your timer for ten minutes and start passing the dice around the circle.

Each person rolls the die once and depending on what number comes up, they have to follow this chart.

  1. TAKE THE BOWL – here they get to take all of the chocolates from the bowl and place them inside their bag.
  2. TRADE SACKS – here you can swap your sack with any other player.
  3. LOSE A TURN – here you don’t get to do anything
  4. ADD A BAR – here you have to take one of the bars out of your bag and place it into the centre bowl.
  5. DOUBLE TAKE – here you get to take one bar from the player on your left and one from the player on your right,
  6. GUESS A BAR -here you can guess which ever bar a player has in their bag, if you are correct you get to take it from them. It’s pretty obvious which candy bars are the coveted ones as the game goes on!

And finally, when the timer goes off, everyone gets to keep whatever candy bars they have collected.

P.S. I found this cute sign online so you can print and have it on hand for everyone to see…

candy bar game


One of the fun activities I like to do at kids’ parties is set up a mini photo booth station. This is a good activity whilst kids are arriving as you get to know who they are one-on-one, it breaks the ice and they have a cute party memento to take home. (Trying to take one-on-one photos later on never seems to work as they are all running around having fun!).

For a simple set up: I stuck some posters on the wall, set alongside a giant cacti plant and a rustic towel wooden ladder I bought for one of our bathrooms. I then found cute little paper cacti cut outs on sticks and used our No Probllama flag as props. The kids then got to take photos with a mini Fuji Instax, so that way they could immediately have their photo to take home!

llama photo booth


If you are having a Llama Party and looking for party favours, it may be tricky to find llama specific goodies; however the theme lends itself very well to cacti; which are so much easier to track down. Therefore, when planning a specific themed party try and marry it to another colour or icon too, that way if you struggle to find goodies featuring the main character you can bring in the other item for decorations or favours. And then custom favour tags featuring the “hard to find” character can turn most little things into a matching party look!

llama thank you cactusllama thank you bag


One tradition that I am making sure the girls (and I) do is to write proper paper thank you cards. All their friends design and draw and write such beautiful birthday cards, so this is just a small way that they can show their gratitude, not only for the gift and the presence of their friends at the party – but also to take the time to share in writing their thankfulness for their cards. And, here is the little template we used that you are welcome to print for your own Llama Thank Yous…

llama thank you notes

For free llama party printables, click here.



  1. Hi, really love all the llama printables you created and thanks for sharing them. However can’t seem to download the zip file and have been trying for the past 2 days. Keep getting the “network failed” error halfway through the downloading. Not sure if it’s because of the large file size of the zip flle (115Mb). Can you please help. Thanks.

    • Jennifer Carter

      Hi Rachel, I’ve just replied to your comment on the printables page, but just in case you miss it – the issue seems to have resolved now. Best, Jen

  2. Kelly Sanderson

    Wow, that is one cool Llama party. My 6-year-old is loving llamas at the moment as well!

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