Real Party: Magical Unicorn Party

Real Party: Magical Unicorn Party

Unleash the mystic power of the unicorn with these magical ideas and goodies from Party Pieces.

Magical Unicorn Party 26


Let your friends know you are throwing a unicorn party with Party Piece’s stunning Unicorn Sparkle Invitations. Each invite features a glamorous gold unicorn on a pastel watercolour background and a smooth curved edge. The invitation states ‘You’re Invited’ and also includes a matching striped trim. Write a message on the blank side before giving out to the recipients. Now all you need to do is look forward to the birthday celebrations!


Magical Unicorn Party 5

Bunches and bunches of balloons of varied sizes and colours tumbling over a door or table are definitely on trend at the moment. Whilst the set up takes a bit of time, all one needs are different sizes and colours of balloons, a balloon pump and some string or tape.

By hanging up a balloon arch, one also creates the perfect backdrop for a photo booth and adding these magical Unicorn Sparkle photo booth props will create unforgettable memories at the party. Complete with a pastel rainbow design on each prop, party guests can pose for a photo and look fabulous while they do it! Each glamorous prop comes with a stick to hold onto while you pose, and comes complete with unicorn horns, a tail, glasses, speech bubble, star and more! These can do ‘party double-duty’ by popping them into your table flower arrangements.

Magical Unicorn Party 7


One of the decorations I like to make for a party are little posters: they are easy to stick up and make a theme come to life. This little unicorn parking one immediately makes everyone smile on arrival. And even if you are not throwing a unicorn party, it is a cute poster for a bedroom or nursery door.


Magical Unicorn Party 12

This Meri Meri garland kit is the perfect accessory for any unicorn party! It is really easy to assemble instantly creating a room full of magic, glitter and rainbows! Or opt for the Party Pieces We Heart Unicorns garland or to wish the birthday girl a happy day print out this free swallowtail bunting banner. Another great idea is to stick up star garlands or decorations especially as these are not unicorn specific and therefore can be used for other birthday parties or New Year’s Eve Celebrations.


Unicorn Name Game Printable

A fun activity that you can do at your Unicorn Party as you wait for guests to arrive is this What’s is your Unicorn Name? Game. Here is the cute printable poster you can use and if you are having a sit-down meal why not use these printable place cards and write down their unicorn name instead of their real one – a cute way for everyone to find their seat!


Get your guests in a magical mood with Unicorn party hats shaped like pretty clip-on horns with tulle and ribbon or the Meri Meri party horn hats made from glittery paper with bright fun tassels. Wear at the party table to make everyone feel magical.


Magical Unicorn Party 13

Magical Unicorn Party 19

Magical Unicorn Party 20

Magical Unicorn Party 21

For the party set up one large buffet table and lay a giant white tablecloth that pools at the bottom to look like puffy white clouds. Fill all sorts of white shaped vases with bright and pale pink flowers from and then in between the blooms add cut out paper unicorns and rainbows on skewers. Decorate the table with mini unicorn soft toys and unicorn figurines together with star sprinkles scattered all over. Various styles of rainbow and unicorn paper party plates and cups are on offer from Party Pieces.

On one section of the table serve drinks (water and pink fruit juice), in the middle section all sorts of fruit and savoury snacks to make your own bagel and then at the other end some jars of pink and pastel coloured sweets. The part I love about this theme is that it is always done with rainbows in mind and so even the fruit platter can be co-ordinated from red to purple!


Unicorn parties are the best and we thought if you are planning one, you have to have some classic party games too: so here is an easy print and play game of Pin the Tail on the Unicorn. Other fun activities also include making up these Party Pieces unicorn balloon kits or choose one of their unicorn pinatas.


Magical Unicorn Party 16

Always a hit at any party, no matter what the ages of the guests, is a Scavenger Hunt. Here we designed little Unicorn themed cards and each child was given one together with a pen and an empty party bag. I then hid all sorts of items in the garden: something pink, something heart-shaped, something yummy etc. and off they went to look for one of each item. It was great fun and their little bags of goodies served as their party favours too.

Magical Unicorn Party 14

Magical Unicorn Party 15

If you are looking for unicorn themed goodies you are in luck as Party Pieces have a wide selection of favours: think sparkle dust, tattoos, foil stickers, mini playing cards, hand puppets, gliders, erasers, memos, pencils, pens, erasers, pencil cases and our favourite: a hatching unicorn egg!


Magical Unicorn Party Cake

Besides the balloon arch, my other number one priority for the Unicorn party was the unicorn cake. It must be the Cake of 2017 on Pinterest and it really is just as beautiful in real life and together with magic candles, it stole the heart of all the guests.

Magical Unicorn Party 17


Magical Unicorn Party 23

Magical Unicorn Party 25

A fun favour idea is to buy rainbow sweets: think rainbow sour leather (from speciality sweet stores) and repackage calling it Unicorn Manes or buy boxes of Skittles and they become Rainbow Seeds. And here are cute labels to do just that! These also make fun everyday party favours or the perfect Summer Holiday gifts for the whole class.

Find and download all of the party printables mentioned in this post here!


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