Real Party: Palms & Pineapples

Real Party: Palms & Pineapples

Go bananas! And join the monkeys for a truly jungle party. This party range comes complete with beautiful palm print illustrations on paper cups, plates and napkins. Finish off your party with our free printable pineapple invitations, poster, place cards and tags. And any other fun summery tableware and decorations: palm fronds, pineapples and a mini monkey or two – go wild!

pineapple invitations pineapple poster pineapple prop monkey prop monkey tree hanging ย palm leaf pineapple tableware palm leaf pineapple tablre bananas pineapple chunks macarons bowl of nuts ย palm leaf cup bananas and pineapple palm leaf treat bag printable name tags

Check out the free printables for this party here.


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