Real Party – Stella’s Koala Party

Real Party – Stella’s Koala Party

This week’s real party is brought to us from Felicity at Little Paper Plate Events. We’re so excited to share Stella’s Koala party with you – we’re sure that you’ll agree that it is the sweetest party ever seen! Here’s what Felicity had to say about her event.

Hello! My name is Felicity and I love creating handmade unique parties for my three daughters Lauren, Annabel and Stella in Sydney, Australia. I like to create party themes with characters that are little outside the box for my girls.  I source, buy, make, style and photograph everything myself so you could say its almost a hobby gone wild.  After much encouragement from my friends and family, I created ‘Little Paper Plate Events’ to give back and share my creativity with the world wide web!  Big love and enjoy! Felicity x ps you can follow me on Instagram @littlepaperplateevents

Koala Party Table Main

Our dearest Stella aka ‘little koala’ turned the big 4! I decided to create a koala theme based on a sweet little costume from Sparrow and B and dress by Milk and Masuki that I saw on Instagram.

Koala Party Outfit 1

I also chose the theme (with Stella’s approval of course) as Stella is always attached on my back for constant cuddles! For the design I again reached out to my Gabriela from Nina Designs and Parties.  In her usual awesomeness, Gabriela created this sweet little koala printable set based on a crochet koala toy I purchased from a local children’s toy store. I especially loved the thank you tags, colouring page and the pass the parcel leaf to keep the little ones occupied!

Koala Party Present 1

Koala Party Activity 1

Koala Party Activity 3

Koala Party Activity 4

The dessert table was set against a backdrop of a cute koala face and mint coloured gum leaves.

Koala Party Table 1

Koala Party Details 1

On the dessert table I wanted to keep the display simple with accent use of grey.  I placed the cute crochet toy, small plain grey cups and grey and white striped paper straws.

Koala Party Teddy 1

Koala Party Drink 2

Koala Party Drink & Cake 1

I also added I cute koala bunting (designed by Gabriela) which helped with the table symmetry.  Again it would not be a party without my fun and popular fondant cookies. I think they turned out well!?

Koala Party Biscuits 5

Koala Party Biscuits 6

Koala Party Biscuits 1

Koala Party Biscuits 3

I also reached out to my reliable cake dealer Rebecca from SweetCrush for her amazing sweet buttercream treats.

Koala Party Cake 2

Koala Party Cake 1

Koala Party Cake 4

Koala Party Cake 3

I served Lamingtions and Iced Vovos to add to the Australian vibes (both classic Australian treats) and made sure I had the coffee brewing for the adults!

Koala Party Biscuits 2

Koala Party Drink 1


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