Real Party – Garden tea party

Real Party – Garden tea party


Warm summer days are perfect for outdoor entertaining and I’ve always loved creating pretty little areas around the garden for friends and family to enjoy.  This usually involves hauling pieces of furniture into the garden whilst praying that it doesn’t rain!  For this garden tea party I wanted it to look like an outdoor room so I started off by hanging a little chandelier from a metal archway next to the trees at the bottom of the garden.  I then brought out a cream wooden bench and put some pretty cupcake cushions onto it.  I absolutely love the Liberty pinwheel set from Party Pieces and I used them to create a perfect backdrop by hanging them from the trees.


The little bottles of pink lemonade are always popular at a tea party and the Liberty straws matched wonderfully with the vintage floral theme.  I tend to use lots of little pots of flowers in my garden as they are ideal for moving around to suit the occasion and I dotted them around the seating areas to add some colour.


I had bought a cheap silver mirror ages ago and finally got round to painting it pink and gold and then used blackboard paint to create a little chalkboard giving me the perfect opportunity to try out my new coloured chalk pens.


I also hung some pinwheels on the garden fence and put the super cute Liberty garland alongside them which looked really pretty.  I have a lovely little bistro set which I sat just below the chandelier and put a sparkly candelabra on the table to add some glamour to the occasion.


Although this area was the main focal point I also decorated other parts of the garden to continue the flow throughout and put out chairs and picnic rugs so that there was plenty seating available. I always like to make sure that I have plenty of seats for everyone but outdoor entertaining is definitely more relaxed as guests tend to wander around getting their own food and drinks etc.


I picked some roses from the garden and put them into lovely blue glass mason jars which looked very effective.  I have a bit of an obsession with pretty tins and used a few of them to put sweets and cookies into for everyone to help themselves.


I used more pretty pinwheels to add bright pops of colour  and the sunshine reflected beautifully on their gold edging. I definitely think that pinwheels are one of the best ways to decorate any party area and I have used them a few times and am always delighted with the results.


Delicious huge strawberries and  cream were the perfect ending to a lovely day and the sun shone all day without a spot of rain!



  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love your attention to detail. Thank you for posting and sharing.

  2. Sarah Micheli

    Love this and am doing a similiar theme for my best friend who is marrying a man from England. Any idea for bridal shower party favors??? I’ve Been looking forever because I really want it to be special. Much appreciated!!!

    • Hi Sarah, thank you for your kind comment. A vintage teacup with wrapped fruit teabags inside is a lovely favour. I have done this for a few events and used cellophane to wrap the teacup with a ribbon and tag on top. Alternatively pretty cupcakes in little individual boxes make lovely favours also ?
      Hope this helps!
      Louise xx

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