Wicked Fun Halloween Party

Wicked Fun Halloween Party

This Halloween everyone deserves the chance to fly, so have a night full of a few of our very wonderful and wicked tips:

Wicked Fun Halloween Party


Print out our free Halloween invitation featuring an iconic witch’s hat, bats and a spider’s web. Fill in your party details and be sure to encourage everyone to come dressed up!

 Wicked Halloween Party Invitation


Let guests have a little giggle when they arrive on your doorstep with this fun and free printable sign.

Wicked Halloween Party Sign


String up the free printable bunting as an easy to execute backdrop for party décor and a fun photo booth.

Wicked Halloween Party Bunting

Wicked Halloween Party Bunting 2


Black and white party ware and the latest Halloween range from Party Pieces make for a very wicked table indeed: get paper plates, cups, napkins and print the free place cards all set to be perfectly poised on plastic fingers painted green just like Elphaba. Similarly, paint plastic pumpkins and wooden hands in green paint for spooky centrepieces.

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 1

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 2

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 3

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 4

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 5

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 6

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 7

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 8

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 9

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 10

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 11

Wicked Halloween Party Tableware 12


Carry on the all-green theme with green smoothies made from kiwis and grapes, and our best idea of all: serve an all-green platter of fruits and veggies: think cucumbers, grapes, pears, apples, edamame and a guacamole dip. (The perfect healthy snack to start with before the kids get stuck into all the sweets).

Wicked Halloween Party Smoothie

Wicked Halloween Party Chocs

Wicked Halloween Party Green Food


Serve small individual Swedish princess cakes with its classic bright green fondant icing and top with the free printable witch cupcake toppers.

Wicked Halloween Party Sweet


Instead of a traditional corn toss, try some ping-pong “eyeballs” tossed into a triangle of paper cups, scoring sweets for each target hit.

Wicked Halloween Eyeball Toss


Halloween is all about trick and treating and if you have young kids or bad weather and can’t hit the streets, print out our Trick or Treat sheets and have kids take turns to flip over a card or two.

Wicked Halloween Trick or Treat


My new favourite party game which is just ideal for Halloween:

A large assortment of candy and chocolate bars (make sure they are all different kinds — that’s what makes the game fun. Have at least one for each player and another 4 or more for the “pot” in the centre)
Paper Bag/sack for each player
A Bowl
A Die
A timer (you can use your phone)


Have everyone sit in a circle, each player is given one candy bar in a sack. The leftover candy bars are placed in the bowl in the middle.
Set your timer for ten minutes and start passing the dice around the circle.

Each person rolls the die once and depending on what number comes up, they have to follow this chart.
1: TAKE THE BOWL – here they get to take all of the chocolates from the bowl and place them inside their bag.
2: TRADE SACKS – here you can swap your sack with any other player.
3: LOSE A TURN – here you don’t get to do anything
4: ADD A BAR – here you have to take one of the bars out of your bag and place it into the centre bowl.
5: DOUBLE TAKE – here you get to take one bar from the player on your left and one from the player on your right,
6: GUESS A BAR – here you can guess whichever bar a player has in their bag, if you are correct you get to take it from them. It’s pretty obvious which candy bars are the coveted ones as the game goes on!

And finally, when the timer goes off, everyone gets to keep whatever candy bars they have collected.


Make your own slime as a party activity and favour in one – little Halloween-shaped cookie cutters are the ideal addition.

Wicked Halloween Slime


The mini witches hats from Party Pieces are not only great little dress up accessories for party goers, but fill them with candy and seal the opening with paper for very cute 3D shaped treat bags.

Wicked Halloween Hats


Make your own party favours, by wrapping some thin twigs around wooden pencils to look miniature broomsticks and then pen on the famous quote from the musical Wicked.

Wicked Halloween Broomstick

Wicked Halloween Broomstick 2

Wicked Halloween Treat


Download all of the free printables here



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