Foodie Friday – Really Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Recipe

Foodie Friday – Really Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Recipe

Warm up those grey, frosty winter days with this indulgent hot chocolate recipe from Fern Green. It’s the perfect treat after a long day, enjoy!

Hot Chocolate

Really Chocolatey Hot Chocolate Recipe

Cold winter mornings equal woolly socks, polo necks and croissants dipped in hot chocolate. I like my hot chocolate dipped into. It reminds me of being in France, copying my French exchange friend; not really knowing how to do it at first and feeling a bit naughty, and very happy with discovering a new way of enjoying hot chocolate. This recipe is รผber-chocolatey, with a hint of cinnamon just to make it feel a little warmer in the mouth.


  • 900ml whole milk
  • 150g dark chocolate, grated (minimum 70% cocoa)
  • 60g milk chocolate, grated
  • 150ml single cream
  • pinch ground cinnamon
  • pinch salt

To a large saucepan, add 300 ml of the milk and put it over medium heat. Once the milk is warm, stir in both chocolates. When these have melted, whisk in the rest of the milk and the cream. Bring the mixture back up to warm, but not boiling, and add the cinnamon and the salt. Serve in four large mugs.

Extracts taken from Cooked: Food for Friends by Hardie Grant (Hardie Grant ยฃ12.99 RRP, available from Amazon)

Fern Green, Breakfast: Morning, Noon and Night (available from Amazon)
Photography by Danielle Wood



  1. This is lovely. My dad has just come to live with me after a fall at home and he absolutely loves hot chocolate. Will have a go at this lovely recipe.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Thanks Rebecca. He is much better now and keeping me on my toes!
    Love your blog

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