Plum & Liquorice Jelly Recipe

Plum & Liquorice Jelly Recipe

This plum & liquorice jelly recipe from ‘Five: 150 effortless ways to eat your 5+ fruit and veg a day’ by Rachel de Thample, is a sophisticated take on a childhood favourite!

Plum and Liquorice Jelly Recipe

This jelly is full of fun and fruit. The liquorice is a brilliant complement to the plums – sweet and aniseedy. A match made in heaven.

Plum & Liquorice Jelly Recipe

Serves 4

10 mins prep time (plus 1 hour to set)

5 mins cooking time


  • 4 ripe plums, halved and stones removed
  • 500ml apple juice (freshly squeezed, if possible)
  • 2 liquorice sticks (the real thing, not the sweet), or 75g natural liquorice (the sweet), plus extra to serve
  • 2 tbsp agar agar flakes
  • 2–4 tbsp runny honey (if using the sticks)


  1. Place the halved plums in a blender or food processor with the juice and whiz until smooth.
  2. Pour into a saucepan with the liquorice sticks (or if using natural liquorice sweets, thinly slice them first before adding 50g) and agar agar and warm over a medium heat until the agar agar dissolves. Whisk vigorously a few times to help mix everything together.
  3. Press through a sieve to strain out any lumpy bits of agar (scrape the bottom of the sieve to reclaim as much as you can) and whisk again.
  4. Taste, and stir through enough honey or sweetener to suit (if using liquorice sweets, add more of these, if needed). Reheat gently, if needed, to help the agar dissolve further. Pour into glasses and pop into the fridge for about 1 hour to set. Top with some small chunks of natural licorice to serve.


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Five: 150 effortless ways to eat your 5+ fruit and veg a day by Rachel de Thample is published by Ebury Press, £14.99.




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