5 Favourite Baby Shower Decorations

5 Favourite Baby Shower Decorations

You can have so much fun choosing decorations for a special occasion and a baby shower is no exception. There are so many types of decoration to choose from in a huge variety of patterns and colours, so where do you start? First you need to decide on your colour-scheme, as you can imagine this is usually pale pink, peach or coral for a girl and pastel blue or green hues for a boy. If you’re planning on keeping it gender-neutral then you still have so many options; lemon and grey work well together and pastel mint and lavender or shades of teal.

Once you’ve got your colours sorted you need to decide what type of decoration you need for the space you’re working with, a collection of different textures look best. Bunting and garlands work well for covering a large space or for decorating the space behind your treat/gift/buffet tables. Hanging decorations like honeycombs and pinwheels can be suspended in clusters to add focal points around your party room. If you’re feeling really creative you can cascade your pinwheels or paper fans down a wall to create a backdrop for your baby shower photos!

5 Favourite Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations

  1. These cute honeycomb garlands are perfect for adding a quick pop of colour.
  2. We love the bold patterns on these blue Toot Sweet paper party lanterns.
  3. Go for iconic prints with this Liberty Betsy baby garland.
  4. These coloured pinwheels can be hung in a cluster to create a bright and cheerful party installation!
  5. Keep it classic with this elephant print party bunting.

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