5 Ideas To Create The Perfect Baby Shower!

5 Ideas To Create The Perfect Baby Shower!

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Your close friend or relative is due to give birth and you have been tasked with the job of planning a baby shower for her. But where do you start? It’s not everyday you can celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby, so you want it to be perfect, but there is so much to think about! The guest list, invitations and location are just the start, before you even get onto organising the party itself.

So, here are five ideas to spark your imagination and ensure that your baby shower is so perfect that it is still being talked about when the mum-to-be is a grandmother-to-be!

Baby Shower Gift

Alongside your perfect baby shower you will want to give the mum-to-be the perfect gift. What better than a selection of things that she will really need, like the ones here? Mum will go through nappies, baby grows and socks like there is no tomorrow, so help her stock up on the essentials with a practical gift. She’ll be thanking you when baby arrives and she wasn’t as prepared as she thought she was.

Baby Shower Theme

Pick a theme to tie your whole party together. An obvious is newborn babies, but then this could be taken further and incorporated to include something that the Mum is interested in, or the time of year. Perhaps childhood memories: this could be a teddy bears’ tea party, nursery rhymes or kids books and films. Then ensure your theme is reflected in the decoration, food and games.

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby-inspired decorations are a must. From the tablecloth and centrepieces to the balloons and banners, make sure it all incorporates your theme. Add special, unique and personal touches, such as photos and belongings of Mum-to-be when she was a baby. Finally, leave a personal handmade book in the corner with a disposable camera. Ask guests to bring pictures of the Mum to be and write messages to both her and baby. Then take photos throughout the day that can be added later – the perfect keepsake full of memories of a very special day.

Baby Shower Food and Drink

You can’t have a booze-fuelled party because it is for a pregnant woman, of course. But how about shaking up some pregnancy-safe Mocktails; Virgin Mojito anyone? Next for the menu, does Mummy have any cravings that you should be including? Finally, but most importantly of all, the cake. Everyone loves cake and you can’t really have a party without one. What is mum-to-be’s favourite type? Whether it is red velvet, carrot, cheesecake or a good old sponge, take this as inspiration and then tie it is with your baby theme.

Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is not complete without games! How about including games that are unique, such as everyone bringing a photo of them as a baby and matching them up to the guests? A fun way to discuss Mum’s pregnancy is a twist on ‘20 Questions’ asking Mum (and Dad), “Do you want a boy or girl?” “Where were you when you heard the news?” Then add in a few baby themed games, such as “Baby Bingo”, or “Name the Celebrity Baby”.

Just be aware that following the success of this one, you may find you are asked to organise all upcoming baby showers!


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