Baby Arrival Party

Baby Arrival Party

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Are you going to have a baby arrival party?

Baby showers, a phenomenon started in the USA may be a relatively recent trend in the UK, but already over 50% of mums-to-be host one. Now we’re seeing the rise of another trend from across the pond, the baby arrival party, also known as the ‘sip and see’ party. Never heard of one? Well you will be soon! Having a party to celebrate the arrival of your newborn will soon become the norm. It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come on over and celebrate the birth of your child on your terms, in the warm and inviting environment of your home.

Why do people have baby arrival parties?

It’s such a special time when you arrive home with your new baby, and whilst it’s lovely to have people popping by to meet your new arrival, it’s nice to have lots of time together as a family, to spend quality time getting to know your new baby. Instead of a stream of visitors throughout your first weeks out of hospital, having a baby arrival party lets all your extended family and friends meet the baby all together. With a few nibbles, a spot of champagne and presents for the newborn, they’re fantastic occasions that everybody enjoys, and they leave you more time to enjoy special moments with your baby.

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Planning a baby arrival party

There are no hard and fast rules for a baby arrival party, but we’ve put together some tips below to make sure you, your baby and your guests enjoy the party.

  • Time it right – It can be overwhelming to have a newborn, so give yourself at least a couple of weeks to recover after giving birth. This will also give you time to get adjusted to being parents and spend some special family time together.
  • Who should you invite? You can invite whoever you want! As well as close friends and family who’ve probably met the baby already, it’s a good time for more extended family and friends to see the baby. Just remember not to invite too many people, or it could be a bit overwhelming for baby!
  • Invitations – Don’t forget to let everyone know about your baby arrival party by making sure you send out your invitations in good time.
  • Get creative – Decorating your party room with a theme is a great idea. Party Pieces have a number of baby arrival themes, and with the wide variety available, you’re not just limited to blue blue for a boy and pink for a girl.
  • Party kits – You’ll probably be serving lots of nibbles, so with a newborn, you won’t want to be leaving yourself with a pile of washing up. Party packs let your guests eat and drink from stylishly designed plates and cups that can simply be disposed of when used, leaving you more time to enjoy your new baby.

Baby arrival parties are a fantastic occasion, and something that you can look back on with fond memories in the future. Party Pieces sell everything you need to enable you to make it an amazing occasion, and if you need more inspiration, why not take a look at our Pinterest board?


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