5 Favourite Gender Reveals

5 Favourite Gender Reveals

If you want to reveal your baby’s gender in a giant way, look no further! Host the ultimate gender reveal party for your friends and family with our top five picks.

gender reveal top favourites


  1. Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon: Here comes the big reveal. Make sure you have a trusted friend fill this gender-neutral black balloon with either pink or blue confetti! When the time has come to reveal your little one’s gender, pop the balloon with a needle and celebrate the flurry of pink or blue confetti!
  2. Confetti Cannon: For a stylish yet fun way to reveal your little one’s gender, pop one of these foiled gold cannon shooters in either pink or blue! A wonderful way you and your guests can celebrate your little miracle, what colour will come shooting out?!
  3. Cupcakes: Get someone to bake some yummy cupcakes for your gender reveal party, and have them fill each cake with either pink or blue icing! Dress up each cupcake with a pretty gold Oh Baby cupcake topper before taking a bite to see what gender your baby is going to be!
  4. Baby Carriage Piñata: A fun game that can be played by adults or kids alike! Fill the piñata up with pink or blue sweets or confetti and take it in turns to whack the piñata until it breaks open and the contents fall out! A thrilling way to find out your baby’s gender!
  5. Balloon in a Box: Fill a few pink or blue balloons with helium and place in a plain cardboard box. When the big reveal is ready to happen, open up the box and watch as the coloured balloons float out, revealing your little one’s gender!

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