Top Tips for a Gender Reveal Party

Top Tips for a Gender Reveal Party

Originally an American idea, gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Hosting such a party is great way to let everybody know the gender of your unborn baby. However, like any party, to make it a successful event that everyone will remember, then you need to carefully plan everything. Here are five tips to ensure your gender reveal party goes with a bang!

Ensure you tell your close family first

Although you may think it’s a great idea to tell everyone the gender of your unborn baby at the same time in a party environment, you should be conscious of certain people’s feelings. The baby’s grandparents especially may feel somewhat disappointed to be told at the same time as some of your casual friends. For this reason, it can often be a good idea to tell close family the gender before the event and swear them to secrecy till the big reveal! You don’t want cross-words or arguments at such a happy time.

Set the date and invite your guests

Like any party, you should ensure that you set the date and invite people in plenty of time. Don’t make the obvious mistake of letting the cat out of the bag by sending a blue or pink invitation. Stick with neutral colours and you will keep your guests guessing till it is time to hold the big reveal.

Decorate your house

Like the invitations, ensure that you use decorate your house in a way that doesn’t reveal the gender. That means either neutral colours, or an even mix of pink decorations and blue decorations. Whatever you go for, choose carefully and ensure your house looks fabulous!

 Protect your big reveal

Whether you’re revealing the gender by cutting a cake, or releasing a big box of balloons, then ensure that none of the guests accidentally spoil the surprise by slicing themselves some cake or opening the box. Keep them hidden away until the very last minute to ensure nobody spoils the surprise. A gender reveal party isn’t going to be a hit if the secret gets out too early!

Thank your guests

When your guests are leaving, why not give them a thank you card made from your baby’s scan? It’s a deeply personal and heartfelt gesture and the card is something that they will keep for years to come, as a special reminder of your party.

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