What is a Gender Reveal Party

What is a Gender Reveal Party


If you’ve found yourself wondering ‘What is a Gender Reveal Party?’ then read on! A gender reveal party is a great new alternative to a baby shower that both parents will love. If you haven’t come across one before, you learn the gender of your bun in the oven at the same time as your loved ones!

How is it done?

It’s quite simple, when you go for an ultrasound you ask the person doing it to write down the sex of the baby and seal it in an envelope without telling you what it is. Now you need to give this to someone you trust (no peeking!) to organise the big reveal, pink for a girl, blue for a boy! It could be revealed by cutting into a coloured cake, releasing coloured balloons from a box or something else – the more creative the better!

The party

Once you’ve invited your friends and family and entrusted somebody to organise the reveal you can get on with organising the rest of the party. Decorate with gender reveal balloons and banners as well as a mixture of pink and blue hanging decorations. When it comes to the buffet, include as much pink and blue as possible! Blueberries and raspberries are great healthy options and pink wafers and blue Smarties for those with a sweet tooth! Lay the table with a gender reveal table cover and enough plates, cups and napkins for all your guests.

balloons  banner  napkins  plate

The main event of the party is the big reveal (make sure you get this on camera!) but if you want to play some games you could fill a jar with blue and pink sweets and guess how many in the jar (closest wins the lot!), you could find a list of old wives tales about how to identify the sex of a baby and make them it into a quiz. You can also ask the guests to guess the gender at the start of the party and give out prizes to those that guess correctly!

We’d love to know what you did for your gender reveal party!

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