Baby Girl’s Naming Day

Baby Girl’s Naming Day


baby girl naming day

A Naming Day is a lovely alternative to a traditional Christening if you don’t want a religious ceremony. If you’ve just welcomed a gorgeous baby girl to the world and are planning a naming day read on for our top five tips!

1. Decide what sort of Naming Day you want. You may want a very informal affair, just getting together with friends and family to celebrate your new arrival. A naming day book available over the course of the day for your guests to write a special message in for your little girl in is a lovely idea if don’t want a spoken ceremony. You could also fill enough pink and white helium balloons for all your guests, asking them to attach a special message about your new daughter to the ribbon then release the balloons into the sky. Alternatively you might like to organise a small ceremony yourself with some vows, perhaps a couple of readings and some music. You can also book a venue or organisation to conduct a more official civil ceremony. Some local councils offer a naming ceremony in a registry office.

2. As an alternative to Godparents, choose a couple of important friends or family members to act as guardians for your little girl. You could give these people any title that you like, perhaps ‘mentors’, ‘guide parents’, ‘odd parents’ there are lots of suggestions on the internet! If you’re holding your own ceremony you might like to write your own vows for them to say, or ask them just to say a few words.


3. Once you’ve decided on what sort of ceremony you want to have send some invites out. These Little One invites are perfect for a little girl’s Naming Day, fill in the important details and send out to your guests. It’s a good idea to include a start and finish time as a very long day be a bit much for your little princess (and for you!) Including a photo of her for the guests to keep is a lovely touch.

4. Choose some fabulous decorations for your venue. Some Baby Girl Hanging String Decorations  will look great teamed with some more pink and white helium filled balloons. Bunting is a must, this spotty pink bunting is perfect. Have plenty of snaps of your little girl’s journey so far, you could peg them onto a length of pretty ribbon and hang them up for all to see.

5. Decide what you will do about food and drink. Toasting your new daughter is a must, have some sparkling wine and orange juice on hand so that there is something for those who both do and don’t want alcohol. If you don’t have enough glasses then these reusable pink plastic champagne glasses are just the job! You might like to organise a buffet yourself , or if the weathers fine everyone will enjoy a barbecue! Alternatively you could ask your guests to bring a dish to share with everyone. Lay the area you’re serving the food from with a white tablecover topped with a pink gingham table runner and make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins and plates on hand!


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