Top 5 Naming Gifts for Girls

Top 5 Naming Gifts for Girls

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If you’ve been invited to a naming day, a non-religious alternative to a Christening for a friends little girl, you might be struggling with what to get as a gift – these are our top five picks! If you come across any other great ideas then let us know!

1. Naming Day Money Jar

A gorgeous ceramic money bank with a spotty design, a lovely alternative to the traditional piggy bank. Remember to pop a pound inside the box – it’s unlucky to give an money box!

2. Birth Announcement Print

Making a feature of the little girls beautiful name this print is perfect for a naming day celebration. You order the artwork and then get it printed to your desired size and choose your own frame – we love this simple idea!

naming jar  r is for ruby

3. Naming Day Memory Box

A gorgeous ribbon tied box to for the little princess to keep memories from her naming day, it can be personalised to include the date and venue of the special tie.

4. The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name Book

Perfect for a naming day, this book tells the story of a little girl finding hername for example if one of this letters in his name is E, he will find a forgetful elephant on the way, regardless of the length of the name, the book will always have at least 24 pages so you get plenty of story for your money!

5. Pink Flower Diamond Child’s Locket

A gorgeous sterling silver oval child’s locket with a pink enamel background. It can be engraved and there is space to add a picture inside. This is a timeless gift that every little girl would treasure.

naming day box  personalised-lost-my-name-book-_b  locket


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  1. I recently had a naming day for my dd and i have to say we adored everybody’s gifts/cards.

    however…..i think mumcha is on to something with the name puzzle, our daughter has an unusual name and the puzzle was awesome! And if it’s not rude of me to say, their ds will only have one first tooth, one first curl etc…… we seemed to get a few of those. (due to my absurd sentimentality i will probably use them all too!!)

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