Throwing A Cliché-Free Baby Shower

Throwing A Cliché-Free Baby Shower

Baby showers are such a fun way to celebrate new mums and dads-to-be – one final big gathering of friends and family before a new era of cold tea, dirty nappies and spit-up. But for some, even the words ‘baby shower’ can send eyes rolling. Sitting around in a circle while you play mandatory guessing games and opening presents – it’s not for everybody! So how do you avoid the cringe-factor and throw a cliché-free baby shower?

Make it Co-Ed

Sure, the nervous mum-to-be has to do a lot of the hard work to bring the new bundle into the world, but who says we shouldn’t celebrate the dads-to-be too? Keep the frills to a minimum and invite the guys too. Appeal to both genders by making it a casual barbecue shower or an evening drinks celebration – with plenty of non-alcoholic options!

Outdoor Barbecue

Theme It 

A theme ties everything together and makes an event so much more dynamic. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, too. Instead of the typical baby-centred themes, consider something the parents enjoy like a favourite film or hobby.

For my own baby shower earlier this year, I themed a brunch around what I hoped our little girl would grow up to be – a little adventurer! We had vintage suitcases, hot air balloons, a mimosa bar and gold animals – lots of little details people will remember.

Gold Animals at Baby Shower

How about a Baby Brunch and Tropical Punch with these palm leaf plates and coconut cocktail cups?

Rules of the Game

No mandatory activities! This is the biggest fear many potential guests have about the ‘dreaded baby shower’. Instead of gathering everyone in a circle to play blindfolded nappy changing, instead have lots of little optional activities around the space. Have a space where guests can write messages to the new parents and wishes for the baby, or an area where they can make something, like a DIY cookie decorating area. Plan for the introvert as well as the extrovert!

Baby Shower Stationery

Of course, games are an easy way to bring all your guests together during the celebration. Another way to do this is to start a toast

Tasty Treats

The food such a big part of any event – make sure you have plenty of it! Traditional baby showers conjure up images of cute cupcakes and tiny tea sandwiches. But if you want your guests to have a good time, lay on the buffet.

taco_bar1Image Source: Paper and Party Love

Have interactive food and drink stations like a cocktail making, make-your-own tacos, or a sundae bar. How cute are these fish and chip display stands for a thoroughly British baby celebration? Or display all the embellishments for that sundae bar in these classic glass jars.

Present and Correct

Most baby showers have the mum-to-be make a big event of opening the presents, and smiling for each and every one. For most people, this tradition can be a little embarrassing, especially if you don’t already like being the centre of attention.

Colourful Baby Shower Gifts

The alternative is to gratefully receive each parcel and open them all together once everyone has gone home, but people love to see your face when you open their present! So instead why not open each gift as you receive it, and display all your lovely new wares on a gift table for guests to peruse at their leisure!

Do you have any tips for holding a cliché free baby shower? I’d love to hear them!


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  1. Hi, Great baby shower tips! I really like your little adventurer theme idea. Thanks for sharing!

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