Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

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When planning a baby shower, after you’ve sorted the decorations, guest-list & food your attention quickly turns to how you’re going to keep your guests and mum-to-be entertained. There are lots and lots of fun baby shower game ideas around, so we have put together our top 10 to get you started!

1) Birth Predictions

Hand out a small square of card and ask each of your guests to guess the baby’s weight, date of birth, time of birth and, if it’s not already know, the baby’s gender. The mum-to-be will enjoy reading through all of the predictions whilst she is waiting for the last few weeks to pass, and once the baby is born you can let your guests know who was the closest!

2) Mum or Dad knows best

Before the baby shower, ask the dad-to-be to answer a series of baby related questions. Then, at the shower, ask the mum-to-be to predict his answers. Questions you could ask include:

  • On average, how many nappies does a baby go through in a day?
  • How many hours of sleep does a baby need each day?
  • What age do babies move onto solid foods?

Of course, if the dad-to-be is in attendance at the baby shower, this works just as well the other way round too!

3) Alphabet book

This is more of an activity than a baby shower game, but it is such fun and the parents-to-be will end up with a lovely keepsake.

Allocate each of your guests a letter from the alphabet (more than one if there are fewer than 26 guests or, if more than 26 guests, perhaps move onto numbers and shapes), hand them a piece of paper and some pencils and ask them to draw something that represents their given letter (‘A’ could be apple, abacus, alligator, etc.).

When they are all finished, collect them up and arrange them into a scrapbook that can become baby’s first alphabet book!

4) Guess the price

We love this baby shower game idea; not only is it fun for the guests it is super useful for the parents-to-be too! Fill a basket with baby essentials (nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool etc.) and ask your guests to guess how much the retail price is. The closest to the correct answer wins a small prize, and the mum-to-be gets to keep the basket ready for their little one’s arrival!

5) Match the baby picture to the guest

A fun game that takes a little preparation; a week or two before the baby shower, ask your guests to give you a picture of them as a baby and a current one too. Then stick all the baby pictures to one board and number them. On another board stick the current picture of the guests and label them A, B, C, etc.

On the day, hand out paper and pens and ask the guests to match the baby picture to the current picture. This can be just for fun, or you could present a prize to the person who gets the most right.

6) Don’t Say ‘Baby’!

This is a really fun game that you can play throughout the baby shower. As your guests arrive, give each of them a sticker or badge to pin to their top and advise them that the word ‘baby’ is off-limits for the whole of the baby shower. Each time someone slips up and says ‘baby’ the person who spots it gets to take their sticker. The person with the most stickers at the end of the shower is the winner!

7) Baby Pictionary

For the set up you will need:

  • 2 x drawing boards (a large sheet of paper can work well)
  • 2 x markers
  • Several baby related word cards
  • Timer (egg timer, stop watch or a normal watch will work just fine)

When you’re ready to play, split the guests into two teams, and ask each team to nominate their first ‘artist’. Then, as with standard Pictionary, the artist selects a word card and tries to draw their word whilst the rest of their team try to guess it. Each team plays at the same time and against the clock (we suggest a minute!).

The first team to guess their word wins the round. If neither team guesses in the allocated time, no-one wins that round. Keep going until each team member has had a chance to draw, or until one of the teams reaches a certain number of wins.

8) Guess the baby food

You can either play this game by sight & smell or, if you’re a little more adventurous, by taste too! Serve several different flavours of baby food into glass bowls (make sure you keep a note of which one’s which!) and ask your guests to try and guess the flavour.

9) Paper baby

Two at a time, ask your guests to stand up and hand them a piece of paper. Then ask them to tear out the shape of a baby – but the catch is they have to do it behind their back! There will be lots of giggles as all manner of weird and wonderful creations are revealed. Ask each ‘artist’ to sign their work and give it to the mum-to-be as a keepsake for her scrapbook.

10) Guess the number

An oldie with a new twist for a baby shower! Fill a baby bottle with jelly beans or any other small item – sweets and buttons work particularly well. Then ask your guests to guess how many items there are in the bottle. The person whose guess is closest wins the bottle! Just don’t forget to count how many you use as you fill the bottle up – or you might find yourself counting them all out in front of your guests!

Do you have any baby shower game favourites? Let us know in the comments below!


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