How To Keep Your Twins Happy At A Party

How To Keep Your Twins Happy At A Party

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Whether you have twin boys, twin girls or one of each, if you’re throwing  party it’s vital that you keep them both entertained. Keep this in mind whilst you’re planning your party, and you’ll be able to put measures into place that will not only keep them occupied, but enable them to enjoy the party just as much as the adults. Here’s three ways you can ensure that your twins have a great time at your party.

Have a general theme

Ensuring your party has a theme makes things so much easier to plan, and it’s something the twins and any other children at the party can engage with. Choose your theme carefully and keep it non-gender and non-age specific, as this will make it much more inclusive. Giving your party a colour theme is a popular option, and we cater for a wide range of colours, each with a range of party kits that have all the tableware and accessories you’ll need. If you’re asking guests to wear fancy dress, why not ask couples to come as twins? As well as being an unusual theme for a fancy dress party, it often results in some hilarious outfits and the twins would love it if you give them the important job of judging the winners.

Keep the food simple

Keep the twins in mind when you are preparing the party food. Providing both adult and kid-friendly food is key to happy children and it’s good to get them involved when picking the dishes involved. If you’re having a buffet, kids love the basics such as sandwiches, sausage rolls, sausages on sticks and crisps. It may not be the most sophisticated party food, but it will keep the twins happy, especially if you serve it all up with some of our fabulous catering accessories such as colourful party plates, bowls and cutlery. If you really want to make the twins feel included in the party, why not double up all the food into twin party sized servings?


loom  art-and-craft-party1-200x200  Art and craft

Plan activities

Planning activities for the twins is vital to the success of your party and ensuring that they have a fantastic time too. As well as playing music that’s appropriate to all ages, set aside a dedicated area for the twins and any other children to play in. This could be in a separate room or within the main area of the party. Toys, computer games, movies and snacks all prove popular, but what can really engage children is crafts and other activities. From modelling clay to loomband kits, we’ve got everything you need to keep your children entertained.

Get a babysitter

If you really want to ensure that the twins are kept entertained and you are free to dedicate yourself to hosting your party, then it’s a really good idea to get a babysitter to come. Whether it’s a family member, a close friend or a registered professional from a reputable agency, the money you will spend can be well worth it. They can keep the kids entertained with a variety of activities, such as face painting, party games or even a pinata, leaving you free to make sure all your guests are having fun.

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Follow our three simple steps and you’ll not only ensure that you keep your twins occupied at your party, they’ll have a fantastic time and you and your guests will too.


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