Twins Fancy Dress Ideas

Twins Fancy Dress Ideas

Twins fancy dress Ideas

Twins Fancy Dress Ideas

If your twins have been invited to a fancy dress party, immediately you are faced with the age old dilemma of what they should wear. Should you dress them exactly the same way? Should you have different costumes but with a common theme? Or should you dress them completely differently? We discuss some ideas below to help you come up with the perfect fancy dress costumes for your twins and help them enjoy the party to the fullest.

Disney Princesses

If you’ve got twin girls under 10, then if they are like the vast majority of girls this age then they will absolutely love Disney Princesses. Why not let them have the choice of any Disney Princess they want to dress-up as? There are lots of choices, such as Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White or even the fairy Tinkerbell. Whether they choose different costumes or the same, they are going to love their costumes which will help them enjoy the party even more.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If you’ve got a boy and a girl, you may not want to dress them exactly the same. However, you may want to have an overall theme instead of having two completely different costumes. Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes are a great idea that both boy and girl will love. With Minnie and Mickey being integral characters in the popular Disney Junior Channel’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show,  both twins will love their costumes.



Superheroes are always popular and you’re sure to find a wide range of characters to choose from. For girl’s there are characters such as Wonderwoman and Superwoman, and for boys there are characters such as Spiderman and the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Homemade costumes

If you don’t want to go down the route of buying a costume, making your own can let you explore a wider range of costumes for your twins. If your twins have reasonably long hair, why not get two red suits and invest in lots of hairspray and spike up their hair to be Jedward? Other ideas of good twins costumes you could make are the Super Mario Brothers and Princess Leia and her twin Luke Skywalker.

Whichever costumes you choose for your twins, we’re sure that they will have a fantastic time, and the best thing about a fancy dress costume is that they can dress up in it again and again at home.

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