Bonfire Night Food Ideas

Bonfire Night Food Ideas


Are you planning a bonfire bonanza for friends and family this Guy Fawkes? Take a look at our tasty inspiration for bonfire night treats!

Snacks & Treats

Toffee Apples

Toffee Apples for Bonfire Night

Toffee ApplesImage Source: Sugar Hero

This sugary snack is always popular around Halloween and Bonfire night, if you’re in a rush there are so many places to buy them from but for a tastier alternative try making your own with a delicious caramel sauce! If you want to send your candy apples home with your guests, try wrapping up with cellophane and add name tags or stickers for a personal touch!


PopcornImage Source: Pastry Affair

Serve this quick and easy treat in traditional popcorn boxes so your guests can snack away whilst the firework display is in full swing! With so many flavour options you’re guaranteed to please everyone…

Pita Chips

Pita ChipsImage Source: Pastry Affair

I love pita chips – especially when served with hummus, they make such a tasty alternative to your average salt-saturated potato crisp. Place them in snack trays for your guests to scoop up whilst they chat around the bonfire.

One Hand Food!

Food that only needs to be held in one hand is always welcome for outdoor events. It means guests can either hold a warm drink or cutlery in the other hand…no one wants to be fussing over food whilst trying to mingle or watch the display.

Catherine Wheels Pizzas

Catherine Wheel PizzasImage Source: Party Pieces

These fun little bites will go down a treat with the younger ones! Perfect as a little snack on the go… You can find the recipe here on our blog.

Burgers & Hot Dogs

Mini Burgers

So popular at outdoor events and parties, burgers and hot dogs are sure to be a hit with your guests. Serve them up on food trays or cones and make sure you have some paper napkins on hand!

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato FriesImage Source: Laurenda Marie

Home-made sweet potato chips are delicious and so nutritious!

Bowl Food

Lulu the Baker - ChiliImage Source: Lulu the Baker

Most likely the temperature will plummet just before November the 5th, leaving you very chilly on bonfire night! Offer comforting bowl food to warm up your guests! Dishes like Chili Con Carne, macaroni cheese & lasagne are all perfect winter warmers!

Do you have any tasty traditions for bonfire night? For me a toasty hot chocolate is perfect whilst watching the fireworks!


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