Celebrate Yourself this Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Yourself this Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a recent survey commissioned by Next has sought to find out exactly how much time and energy mums dedicate to their children. This might include ferrying them to and from extracurricular activities, taking time off work to care for them when they’re sick, or turning a blind eye when they pinch your favourite lipstick or most expensive perfume!

Key findings from the survey found that yearly, the average mum will:

  • Spend 577 hours running around after her kids, and two and a half hours at parents’ evenings
  • Buy 38 presents a year for her kids across birthdays and Christmas (a total of 494 across a childhood!)
  • Get less than an hour to herself each day
  • Miss three days of work to look after her ill child[ren]
  • Sit through almost five hours of school assemblies, concerts and plays each year
  • Must remember 10 things a day in relation to her child[ren]

So it’s safe to say the average mum has her work cut out for her. Nevertheless, with Mother’s Day approaching it’s important to take time out for yourself – why not treat the 31st March as a day to celebrate your role as a Mum and plan it with the same amount of care you would if you were planning a party for your child?

Our tips for an enjoyable Mother’s Day

1. Decide who you want to spend time with.

Like crafting a party invitation list, take some time to decide who you’d like to spend Mother’s Day with, whether that’s your children, your partner, your girlfriends or just yourself.

The survey from Next found that 78% of mums get less than an hour to themselves each day on average, so you might decide to dedicate some time to yourself this Mother’s Day – away from the hustle and bustle of work and family commitments. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of ‘me time’!

2. Decide where you’d like to spend your day.

Make sure you take some time out to do the things you want to do and aren’t governed by the whims of your children.

The average Mum will hear her children say ‘I’m bored’ 12 times a month. Those two little words can send even cool-headed mums into a frenzy of frustration, racking their brains for exciting games to play and rooting through toy boxes for inspiration.

But not on Mother’s Day. Today, you’re free to shape the day’s schedule any way you please – immune to the chorus of ‘I’m bored.’ You might decide to relax at home, finish watching that series everybody is talking about, or host a fancy picnic or floral tea party!

Mothers Day Table

The average Mum will take her child to six birthday parties a year, not including their own! which works out to one birthday party every other month (the equivalent of 78 birthday parties in her child’s lifetime) – but this is on top of two and a half hours a year spent at parents’ evenings and nearly four hours a week spectating at extracurricular activities.

3. Treat yourself!

The survey revealed that Mums will buy an average of 38 presents for their children every year (this includes birthdays and Christmas) which, as a nation of gift-givers, doesn’t seem too surprising. Each of us enjoys giving and receiving gifts with people we love and much more so when there are children involved.

Remember though, this is on top of countless pennies and pounds spent on other things relating to your children, such as teachers’ leaving presents, school trip fees and leavers’ hoodies to name a few.

The average Mum herself will receive only two boxes of chocolates, two bunches of flowers and five drawings each year from her tiny tearaways – so it seems the ‘gifting traffic’ is certainly more heavily weighted in one direction.

You’ll splash out on 38 presents for your children each year, but how many times will you treat yourself to something? Mother’s Day is a nice excuse to venture out to the shops and nab that little gift, or to host a little party (though get the kids to clear it all up!).

Also, despite the fact a whopping 35% of Mums don’t receive any flowers at all during the year, that doesn’t mean you should go without. Flowers can instantly bring warmth and beauty to any home. They can brighten up hallways, make living rooms more vibrant and are a popular talking point for guests, so treat yourself to a nice floral arrangement this Mother’s Day.

All in all, if these stats tell us anything, it’s that you definitely deserve a bit of TLC this Mother’s Day! Set aside some time for yourself, put together a little lunch party for your family, spend the day with people you love, and above all, be kind to yourself. You deserve it!


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