40th Birthday Garden Party

40th Birthday Garden Party

Struggling with ideas for your 40th Birthday this year? Throw an intimate summer garden party with loved ones!

Bold Bright Decorations

fiesta main
Firstly you need to set the atmosphere for your party. We suggest using bold and bright colours to create a summer vibe. Layering different styles of bunting with fairy lights above your dining table will create a more intimate experience.

Coconut Cup Party Pieces

Decorate your table with summery tableware like these fun coconut cups and colourful napkins! You could offer your guests a choice of fun mocktails or cocktails.

40th Birthday Games

Memory Lane

Display a time line of photos from the past 40 years of your life down the length of the garden. Ask your guests to guess your age in the photos, make sure you include some old embarrassing snaps of your guests too!

Name the Song

Replay some snippets of classic tunes from your teenage years, your guests have to guess the title and artist of the songs! The one who guesses the most correctly wins.

Summer Treats

Offer your guests a variety of refreshing, light treats that bring colour to the dining table. You could also ask guests to bring a dish of their own so you’re not spending the day before your Birthday imprisoned in the kitchen!

Strawberry-Mango-Chia-Popsicles-1 - LaurendamarieImage Source: Dessert Now Dinner Later

We love the colour of these Strawberry, Mango and Chia popsicles. Perfect for little guests but make sure you stock up on napkins for messy faces!

Spinach Salad LauraannmarieImage Source: Laurenda Marie

A simple dish like this would be an ideal accompaniment to most main meals, we love the variety of ingredients in this spinach salad.

We’d all hope the weather would be in your favour but we know this often isn’t the case! If you’re not holding out much hope for sunny rays, why not put up a gazebo, canopy or marquee above your dining table. This way you are sure to party whatever the weather.

What did you do for your 40th Birthday? We’d love to hear from you!



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