100th Birthday Party Ideas

100th Birthday Party Ideas

One hundred birthday

Reaching your 100th birthday is a seriously impressive achievement, so if you’re charged with arranging the birthday celebrations, then you need to ensure that the party is the very best it can be. Here are some 100th birthday party ideas to make it a party to remember:


When you send out your party invitations, include a note asking people to bring along a piece of paper with their favourite memory of the guest of honour. After the party you can put all these memories into a scrapbook which will be a beautiful gift for them to enjoy. What you can do during the party is read aloud some of the notes, everyone, including whose birthday it is will love to hear these fond memories and will start a whole host of reminiscing amongst the guests.



100 is an amazing age to reach so why not demonstrate the magnitude of this birthday by releasing 100 balloons into the sky? Choose balloons that are their favourite colour and watch their delight as they float elegantly away. Add a further exciting dimension and place a little note on each one explaining they were released as part of a 100th birthday celebration. Leave a mobile number and ask them to text you back where they found the balloon. You can then tell whose birthday it is just how far they went.

Photo display

A photo display showcasing the guest of honour from their younger days through to today is a great idea and provides a brilliant centrepiece for the party. You can also place photographs throughout the room, perhaps certain areas having a theme or tracing a narrative from one area to another. If you’re at home with technology, you could set up a slideshow displaying the photographs or have digital photo frames placed around the room.



All good party’s need music but seeing as it’s a 100th birthday party, chances are it’s not going to be an occasion to have loud party tunes blasting out. But what is a good idea is to have some music from the guest of honour’s favourite decade. There is something very special about music and the feelings that it can evoke and they’ll be so happy with the memories that the songs bring to the fore.

By following our top tips for a 100th birthday party, you’ll give the guest of honour a party that they deserve, and one that everyone who attends will remember for a long time to come.

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