18th Birthday Party Ideas

18th Birthday Party Ideas

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There are several landmark birthdays in a person’s life, but few are as significant, important or life-changing as their 18th birthday, which officially marks the passage from childhood into adulthood. At the age of 18, for the first time a person can vote, marry without parental permission and buy a house with a mortgage. Turning 18 therefore doesn’t just mark the passage into adulthood, it represents so much more than that. Turning 18 represents freedom.

With the age of 18 also being the age that it is legal to buy alcohol in the UK, it is often very tempting to simply buy some alcohol from the supermarket, or give the birthday boy/girl an amount of money to spend on a night out with friends. However, is that really something special enough to mark such an important birthday, the day that they turn from child into adult? An 18th birthday party is such a momentous occasion that it deserves a party.


18th Birthday Party Ideas

What sort of party?

You need to decide early on what sort of party the birthday boy or girl wants. Do they want a low-key house party with family or a few selct family and friends? Or do they want to hire a venue and invite lots of guests? You need to know as early as possible as the latter will require much more planning, especially in terms of food and decorations.

Inviting guests

If you’re inviting a mixture of family and friends, then the best thing to do is let the birthday boy or girl be in charge of inviting their friends and you deal with the family side of things. This is simply because the different generations send invites in different ways. They will invite everyone through social media such as Facebook whilst you can send the more traditional postal invites.


The party itself

18th birthday parties are one of the most straightforward parties to run. Having a fancy dress theme can be a good idea but apart from that it’s all about drinking and dancing. Hiring a DJ with a good selection of modern party music will get the night going and you can sit back and relax and let the birthday boy or girl enjoy their special night. In terms of foods, we recommend lots of carb heavy foods such as pizza to soak up the excess alcohol any of the young guests may have!

Whatever sort of party you choose,  it should be something special, something to be treasured, and something that they will remember for many years to come.


  1. Your article nicely described the formal ideas to celebrate the 18th Birthday parties. You can also introduce a theme to your 18th birthday party such as Dress Up Party, Surprise Party, Scavenger Hunt and many more that are trendy to the young generations.

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