60th Birthday Ideas

60th Birthday Ideas


A 60th birthday party is a big event in anyone’s life, so why not throw a party to celebrate? A chance to eat drink and laugh with your family and friends, done well it will be an event that you will want to remember for a long time to come. We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas to make it a 60th birthday party that goes with a bang:

Pick a venue

Picking the right venue is key to getting your 60th birthday planning off to a flying start. You may decide to have a house party which is great, but if you want to use a venue, you need to think carefully. Chances are you’re going to have quite a number of guests who are from an older generation, so don’t book anywhere in the middle of town. A busy town centre on a weekend could be off putting to a lot of people. Instead, pick a local venue with plenty of parking and one that you feel happy with.

60th Birthday Party Invitations

Send your invitations out a couple of months in advance. A 60th birthday is a really big occasion so people need time to prepare, so send your invitations out in good time. Don’t forget to remind them to RSVP, you need to know numbers as soon as possible to help you with the catering.


Devise your menu

A 60th birthday party will be attended by a wide range of ages, so your menu needs to reflect this. We’ve got some fantastic themes for you to choose from and if you want something to make the kids feel a bit special, why not have some dedicated kids plates for them to use? They’ll love them.

60th Birthday Party Decorations

Don’t forget to do your research to make sure you get the perfect decorations for a 60th birthday. Whether you want bright and bold or something more subtle, you are sure to find the right decorations for your party. Colour coordinated decorations and accessories will mark your event out as one that is really special.

Have fun!

Once the party starts, take off your organiser’s hat and put your party one on and have fun! If you’ve followed our tips your party will be a huge success and everyone who attends will have the time of their life.


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