80th Birthday Party Ideas

80th Birthday Party Ideas


An 80th birthday party is a momentous event in anyone’s life, so why not throw a party to celebrate this very special occasion? A chance to get together with close friends and family to eat, drink and laugh, it’s an event everyone will remember for a long time to come. To make it the best occasion it can be, we’ve come up with some fantastic ideas for you:

Get the venue right

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to hire a venue for such an occasion, due to the age of a lot of the people who will probably be invited to an 80th birthday party, then it is recommended to consider having a house party somewhere with room enough to cater for the number of guests invited. This will provide a friendlier, relaxed and more intimate environment suited for such a celebration. If you do want to hire a venue, check that it has plenty of parking and is easily accessible for those with mobility issues.

Don’t do the 1930s party

A lot of people suggest parties should be themed on the decade the person was born in. Whilst on the surface this sounds like a good idea, it’s not something that they will have any connection with really, as they will have been very young at the time. A better idea is to pick a decade when they were in their teens and early twenties, or simply go for an 80th birthday theme, with lots of cleverly coordinated decorations and accessories.

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80th Birthday Party Food

A nice home cooked buffet will go down a treat on an 80th birthday party with lots of good old fashioned party food favourites. A nice selection of cakes beautifully presented will go down a storm.

80th Birthday Party Decorations

You’ll find that there are a host of ideas for 80th birthday party decorations available, all of them enabling you to have a fantastically colour coordinated occasion. Why not take it a step further and incorporate a photo display. Ask guests to bring photos of moments you have all shared together through the years, it will be a real talking point and guests will love it.

Once the party is over, why not send some thank you cards to everyone that attended the party? There is no better way of showing your appreciation to all those that came, and they’ll be touched by the really kind and thoughtful gesture.


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