Bright & Bold Party

Bright & Bold Party


Colourful and fun featuring spots and stripes in bright colours, Bright & Bold is a great choice for teens or adults celebrating a birthday. Available in a generic Happy Birthday design or specifically for ages 13 – 80 it will look fab at your celebration.

If you want to send out paper invites then start using the theme straight away with these invites, complete with envelopes. Alternatively a group email might do the job, either way make sure you have a record of everyone who has RSVP’d so that you can plan your catering.

If you’re dressing a big venue, it will look spectacular with a combination of Bright & Bold tablecovers and matching Centrepieces on the tables, decorated with confetti. If you have chairs to dress then use brightly coloured chair sashes. When it comes to hanging decorations, there are plenty of options in age specific and generic designs. Some rainbow flag bunting will look great strung up high. If it’s a milestone birthday then this banner comes with stickers to add the age on. Dizzy danglers are a must and why not add that personal touch with a personalised banner which can have an age added if required. Don’t forget about balloons! Choose a mixture of colours as well as some Bright & Bold foil ballons.  At a big bash fill with helium and tie to a selection of coloured balloon weights.

baloons  cupcakes  napkins  plate

When it comes to catering, depending on the size of your event you might have caterers to do it for you or put on a buffet yourself. If you need tableware then continue the Bright & Bold theme with platescups and napkins. If you need glasses then these plastic ones don’t scrimp on style, choose some coloured ones to complement the theme! If you’re serving cupcakes then don’t miss these Bright & Bold cupcake wrappers and picks!

Once you’re all decorated and ready to cater, all that’s left to do is party!

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