Graduation Party Food

Graduation Party Food

Deciding what food to serve at a graduation party will depend largely on what type of party you’re planning on throwing. In our experience, a graduation party is likely to be a stand up affair, with buffet food, rather than a sit-down dinner. With buffet food, simplicity to eat is key, but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck serving sausage rolls! Our top tip to create delicious yet easy to eat food is to think bite-sized & individual portions.

To give you a helping hand, here is a run-down of our favourite ideas.

Top 5 Graduation Party Food Ideas

1. Goats Cheese Tarts

Mary Berry Goats Cheese Shallot Tart Recipe

Goats cheese tarts are not only super delicious but they can be made ahead of time, served warm or cold, and are easy to transport – perfect for a graduation party at a venue away from home.

2. Chicken Nuggets


Home-made chicken nuggets are so much tastier than the shop bought versions, so if you have time, we recommend giving it a go! Serve a few nuggets in small tubs or cups for individual portions that are easy to manage.

3. Caprise Bites

Caprise Bites Image source:

These caprise bites are one of our absolute favourites for a buffet; they’re healthy and fresh whilst being super delicious. And as a huge bonus they are so simple to create!

4. Strawberry & Parma Ham Crostini


These Strawberry & Parma Ham Crostinis are really quick to make and elegant to serve. Prepare all of the ingredients ahead of time and assemble just before you serve.

5. Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges Recipe

Served in small buckets or glasses, individual portions of potato wedges will look stylish on your buffet table and be easy for your guests to manage. They are another option that is very easy to make yourself, and even more delicious when you do!

Let us know your favourite graduation buffet food in the comments below!


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