Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

eco friendly partyImage Source: Oh Happy Day

If the thought of a kid’s party and all the associated plastic and paper plays on your social conscience, why not make your next celebration a more ‘green’ affair? Hosting an eco-friendly party is easier than you’d think and still a lot of fun, plus it’s a great way of encouraging your children to be less tough on their environment. Here are our top tips for a party without plastic…

Eco Invitations:

Recycled paper invitations are the obvious choice, but they’re not the only choice. How about getting creative and with the help of your child making your own – this will give the party a personal touch and is a fun way of using pictures from old cards or even leaves and flowers from the garden. We love this tutorial from Oh Happy Day (see main image) using recycled cardstock and moss from your garden! But without a doubt the greenest invitation of all is one that saves on stamps and trees.

Eco Decorations: 

A party isn’t a party without balloons, so don’t go without, but do limit the environmental hazard by choosing carefully. You’ll find Little Cherry makes life easier by offering a range of colourful biodegradable balloons and ribbons. For other eco-friendly decorations, use paper streamers and paper pom poms and lanterns that you can pop in the recycling after the party, or fabric bunting.

Eco Food & drink: 

If you shop locally and make your own snacks and cakes, you’ll have full control over the ingredients used. Organic fruit and veg from your local farmers’ market is a great place to start – you could try your hand at making your own lemonade, fruit juices and smoothies! And for something a little bit naughty, melt some organic chocolate and let the kids have fun dipping pieces of fruit, marshmallows and honeycomb.

Eco Tableware: 

Don’t just run out and buy disposable party plates and cutlery, instead look for biodegradable tableware or stronger plastic pieces that can be washed up. At Party Pieces you’ll find colourful tableware that the kids’ll love for a good few years. And underneath all of this, how about a paper tablecloth, suitable for recycling, or an old sheet that can be washed – you could even encourage the children to decorate the paper or cloth with their own designs.

Eco fun & games: 

The kids of today might think they can’t have fun without a computer or a DVD player, but stick to the old favourites and they’ll be pleasantly surprised. After all what party is complete without a game of pass the parcel? Here’s a great ‘green’ opportunity – instead of buying another roll of shiny gift wrap just to see it ripped off when the music stops, re-use old paper or even newspaper. And what about hosting a gardening party – little ones love making a mess so why not encourage them to plant herb or veggie seeds in pots they can decorate and then take home and watch grow. Unwins has packets of seeds just for little people, with names like Pansy Happy Faces and Canary Creeper Twirly Bird.

Greener goodies for going home: 

The party bag is a staple of any child’s celebration and here you can be ‘green’ too. Use a recyclable or fabric bag and instead of filling it with cheap plastic toys, search out one or two wooden items – perhaps a spinning top or pretty bracelet and then add organic sweets or chocolates. For a real treat pop in Montezuma’s organic chocolate buttons or tiny tasty turtles. And for busy mums who don’t have time to search around, again, Little Cherry is worth a visit – not only do they have plenty of eco toys but also ready-filled, eco-friendly bags.



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