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Remember, Remember


The 5th November! Bonfire Night is the perfect time for wrapping up warm and getting together with friends. You may be going to one of the many firework displays across the country or planning a party at home. Here are a few ideas for hosting your Bonfire Night party outside.

Wrap up warm with lots of layers and have plenty of extra gloves and scarves handy. If you are hosting the party at home, provide blankets for guests to spread across their knees if they are gathered outside around a bonfire.

As well as the focal point of the bonfire – complete with the Guy on top – delineate the party area with strings of outdoor lights, garden torches and lantern bags, so that people can easily see where they are going. If little ones will be in attendance then LED candles or tealights are safe alternatives to normal candles. Torches and head torches will come in handy if you’re letting off fireworks. If you have a few tables and chairs in the heart of the action, light them using tealights; you can have lots of fun making homemade tealight holders with everyday household objects, we’ve made a Pinterest board of our favourites here. If you are near the house, switch on the lights in the nearest room to the garden and let it spill outside. For damp weather it may be an idea to put up a small gazebo or umbrella, to keep off the dew – you can also string outdoor lights around these.Keep guests insulated from the inside out, with flasks of hot drinks and tasty, comforting food. Bonfire Night is high time for a hot spiced cider punch, or simply a full-bodied red wine from bottles warmed by the fire.  Serve drinks in plastic glasses  to avoid breakages. popcorn stall

When catering for a crowd, go for something easy to make ahead and in one pot. A bowl of rich, spicy chilli con carne with sour cream, cheese, guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips is easy to hold and eat with just a spoon or fork. Set up a buffet serving table inside, not far from the kitchen, so that people can help themselves. Another idea could be fish and chips in boxes with little forks. For something sweet you could make some homemade popcorn, serving from this adorable stall 

As well as the all-important fireworks display and bonfire, have a few activities ready to keep everyone warm. Packets of sparklers are essential, and glow sticks and glow necklaces are also fun to distribute.  There’s little doubt that childhood favourites are still popular, so why not set up a sweetie bar for your guests to help themselves to. Be sure to include marshmallows for everyone to toast on sticks over the fire – perfect with a little hot chocolate laced with rum, cinnamon or chilli!

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