Getting Set For Christmas

Getting Set For Christmas

Get Festive With The Family!

Christmas is almost upon us and there’s much to do! Decorations, presents, wrapping, dinner, food… it’s easy to forget the real opportunity of Christmas; spending time with loved ones!

To help you with some ideas, we’ve put together some quick tips to help you get into the festive spirit with the family!

Christmas in your Community

With online stores like Amazon and eBay offering everything you’d ever want, it’s easy to miss what’s just outside the house! Grab the family and head out to discover what’s happening in the local area!

Christmas brings out the local Christmas markets, and with them, some of the most gorgeous, unique items that you can’t find in some of the giant online stores. Homemade items, from handmade foods, to little Christmas crafts, and local businesses selling their best. It can be a great day or night out with the family!

Xmas Market Bakery
You're bound to find something delicious at the Xmas Market!

Sure, you’ll need to wrap up warm and brave the murky winter weather, but head on down the high street and you’re bound to find plenty of stalls selling food and drink (mulled wine season, here we come!) to warm you up while you browse what’s on offer.

Marvel at the twinkly streetlights, enjoy the atmosphere and the satisfaction of supporting local businesses, and take part in plenty of activities going on in the local area. You’ll likely discover Christmas markets and shops, Santa Grottos, reindeer petting zoos and plenty of truly unexpected surprises that’ll get you all giggling!

Deck the Halls!

Christmas decorations. A phrase that sparks off pure excitement (and a slight pang of fear for those ones clumsily climbing into the loft to find them)!

Quite simply, Christmas decorations are an ideal opportunity to have some fun with the family at home! Kids ADORE getting involved with the Christmas tree, and there’s something about twirling tinsel around the home that everybody (even a teenager) enjoys!

The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of any decoration, and it’s a great way to get everybody involved. Hand out some baubles, tinsel, ornaments, and grab that super spangly Christmas star or angel and go to town!

It doesn’t stop there either, make sure the rest of the home get’s the tinsel treatment! Add candles, bunting, tinsel, LED fairy lights, holly sprigs and the always important Christmas wreaths!

Girl and Christmas Tree
Check out our Christmas Tree Range!

Get the kids to grab the decorations and let them go crazy. It doesn’t matter if it looks too much or too little. It’s about what those decorations mean to you and if a crazy mismatch of coloured tinsel and baubles makes everybody happy, so be it!

Oh, and for those with pets, be mindful where you place the decorations. You don’t want holly prickles in paws, and cats rarely understand why they can’t punt your super fragile glass baubles across the floor.

Cat pawing Christmas Tree

Get Baking!

Let’s be honest. Yes, Christmas is about spending quality time with family, giving gifts to loved ones, and spreading goodwill and cheer, but you’re also secretly looking forward to stuffing your face with the best food you’ll find all year.

It’s okay. We all feel that way.

So make it a family thing! Kids love baking, so get the little Gordon Ramsays together and fill the air with sweet and savoury Christmas treats! Cakes, mince pies, stollen, gingerbread houses, and cinnamon and cloves on everything… it’s a great opportunity to teach the little ones how to make simple fruit and fairy cakes, and to just generally make a mess!

If you’re looking for some extra food inspiration, we’ve got loads of fantastic Christmas recipes on our blog. Go take a look!

Seasonal Games & Activities

It’s easy to focus on the stress and hard work that planning Christmas brings, but you can counteract that feeling with some festive games and activities with the family.

The Elf on the Shelf trend is a hilarious way to make the family giggle. Get a little elf character and put him in mischievous Christmas scenes for the kids to discover. Great for generating some giggles!

Advent calendars are a great way to build the excitement up too. We’d agree that the dodgy chocolate-filled ones are boring though! Go for something a little higher end instead! Not only does it cut down on that burst of sugar each day, but there are some fantastic alternative advent calendars out there that add that personal touch!

You could also do an advent treasure hunt. Simply give them a clue each day and let them discover where you’ve hidden a little treat!

Advent Calendar

Alternatively, grab some Christmas games and get the family involved. We’re not talking about that miserable 6-hour long trudge through Monopoly either. There are some fantastic new board games out there that’ll have the family pulled away from the phones and spending time with one another.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a time for reflection and spending time with friends and family around you, but it’s also a time to think of others out there who may not be so lucky.

At Party Pieces, we support local and national charities all year long, but individually, it’s nice to do something that’s personal to you too.

Donating unwanted toys and clothes to a local charity is a good way to unclutter the house and make way for new gifts before the 25th and it’s as simple as putting things you no longer want into a bag and popping down to the high street. For some, those items can make a real difference. Alternatively, donating some food and drink to a food bank can transform a family’s Christmas too.

After all, the real spirit of Christmas is to give, and there’s nothing better than giving a helping hand to those people who need it the most.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

There are our tips on staying in the right frame of mind during the Christmas run-up!

Got a fun tradition that you do with the family each year? Let us know in the comments!


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