How To – Little Penguin Felt Balls

How To – Little Penguin Felt Balls

These sweet little penguins make for a lovely little stocking filler or as an ornament to hang on a Christmas tree.

penguin felt balls

You will need:

  • penguin template
  • black and grey 2cm felt balls
  • white felt
  • orange or yellow felt
  • scissors
  • needle
  • black thread
  • 8mm black seed beads (or you could use black embroidery thread to do a French knot for each eye)
  • hot glue gun

what you'll need for penguin felt balls


  1. Print template and cut out the shapes.
  2. Pin the shapes to the felt and cut around them.cutting shapes for penguin felt balls
  3. Sew two seed beads onto the white felt for eyes. For the under-threes, you could use black embroidery thread to sew two French knots as eyes. Make sure you leave enough room for the beak.sewing eyes on penguin felt balls
  4. Use a hot glue gun to stick the white felt to the felt ball.
  5. Now glue the feet to the penguin.
  6. If you want to hang the penguins from your Christmas tree, simply sew a loop of embroidery thread through the top of the penguin.finished penguin felt balls

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