Preparing for Advent

Preparing for Advent


Half-term coming to an end means that Christmas isn’t too far away. You may not have started your Christmas shopping yet…or perhaps you’ve already finished? Apart from the presents, here are a few of our favourite things to bear in mind with the start of Advent just a month away!

Christmas cards

Cards are easy to come by at this time of year and there are lots you can buy to support your favourite charities, but it’s good to stock up in advance of the rush – if you write a couple of cards every evening in November you’ll have them all done by December! For closer friends and family, Christmas cards are fun to make together on a rainy day with the kids, using glitter and glue, cotton wool for snow, sweet wrappers and anything else that springs to mind. Keep old cards after Christmas and cut out the designs to make gift tags the next year.

Advent calendars
We all know that for children, the anticipation of Christmas is enormous. Advent calendars go some way to keeping them calm until Christmas Eve. Nowadays, many kids prefer chocolate Advent calendars to those with pictures, but for something longer-lasting, a wooden box or house for keepsakes can be kept year on year and you choose the gift inside each drawer; some days, they could be little notes from Father Christmas’ elves, other days a chocolate coin, and so on. They’ll remember these long after the chocolates have disappeared! If you’d rather they didn’t have a chocolatey treat every day then this Nutcracker Advent Jewellery Box  reveals a charm each day to add to the included bracelet, so that by Christmas they will have a full bracelet! Advent candles are another lovely way to count down, why not light your candle each evening whilst you eat dinner. See the full Party Pieces Advent collection here.

Letters to Father Christmas
In order to help Santa out, it is a good idea to ask the kids to think about their Christmas wishlists early, so that they can pen their letters to the North Pole in good time. Another perfect weekend activity for children, you can buy letters to Santa kits as well as making your own.

Gift wrap and tags
There’s no doubt that a beautifully wrapped gift beneath a twinkling tree makes an exciting prospect for Christmas morning. For that extra personal touch we love this Chalk Board Wrapping Kit or you can customise your own with brown or plain paper decorated with stamps, glitter and glue, tied with an interesting ribbon and a few pinecones or a sprig of holly. If wrapping isn’t your forte then these Gift Bags make it super easy!

Please get in touch and let us know what you’re most looking forward to this Christmas, we’d love to hear from you!


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  1. on secret presents :

    any idea how to prevent getting your own back ?
    its the best one anyway sure…but a little surprise …

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