DIY Daisy Easter Bonnet

DIY Daisy Easter Bonnet

Tasked with making an Easter bonnet this week? Fear not, we’ve got a super easy DIY for you to recreate at home. We’ve made a pink, floral version but you could always change the colour of the bonnet, ribbon and use different felt stickers for your craft project. The best part is you don’t need any glue so mess is very minimal! Here’s how we made it…

Pink Easter Bonnet DIY 2

How to Make a Daisy Easter Bonnet

You will need:


  1. Take the pink polka ribbon and tie around the bonnet with a tidy bow at the front. Cut the ends of the ribbon diagonally.
  2. Peel the backs off your daisy stickers and place one right in the centre of your bow to hide the tie. Place the remaining daisy stickers equally around your bonnet, you can use them to secure the ribbon in place.
  3. This particular bonnet had a subtle clear plastic layer which we could poke the feathers into. Poke them into the bonnet behind the bow so they look tidy. We used three white feathers but you could use yellow to match the centre of the daisies!

It really was that simple to make! Feel free to get creative and make it your own with different colours, stickers or perhaps a collection of longer, colourful feathers. You can find lots of Easter bonnet craft bits here on our site.

Pink Easter Bonnet DIY 3


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