Truly Bunny Easter Party Ideas

Truly Bunny Easter Party Ideas

We were super excited when Julie from In Good Company shared these beautiful photos of our Truly Bunny Easter range. We love her Easter party ideas; from creative pastel styling and DIY crafts to fun Easter games and activities! Julie is a South African blogger who was born and raised in Johannesburg, she now lives overseas in Zug, Switzerland with her husband and two daughters. Her lovely blog is all about turning a foreign country into a place called home. Here’s some of our favourite Truly Bunny Easter party ideas…

Easter Egg Hunt Invitations

Celebrate Easter Sunday with a mini party for family, friends and neighbours. Plan an afternoon tea with treats and a “big” Easter Egg Hunt in your garden or the local park: Here a simple invitation was written on the back of one of the pennants from the Truly Bunny Bunting.

Truly Bunny-1

Truly Bunny Decorations

Decorate the party area with pretty paper decorations: beautiful pastel coloured tassels, pinwheels, garlands – or one could even frame pieces of the Truly Bunting Garland or easily have kids make paper chains from pastel coloured paper.

For a different take on a Easter garland string up the Truly Bunny bunnies but also peg on painted Easter eggs and upside down bulb tulips with wooden clothespegs. This works really well if you have a large area to decorate.

Truly Bunny-5

DIY Easter Bunny Baskets

Make a bunny basket centrepiece by filling an Easter basket with shredded paper, add a giant milk chocolate egg and decorate with a paper Truly Bunny paper bunny, feathers and a mini egg or two. Tie around ribbon and a leftover floral tag also part of the Truly Bunny Bunting.

Easter Party Ideas

Setting up your Easter Table

Set your Spring table with the pretty paper Truly Bunny paper plates, cups and napkins fashioned into bunnies. The little place cards make the perfect personalised addition complete with little mint bows or white puffy cotton wool tails.

Truly Bunny-6Truly Bunny-8Truly Bunny-7-1Truly Bunny-4

DIY Easter Treats

Serve tea and a mix of orange and carrot juice for thirsty searchers and carrot and date mini muffins and tea sandwiches for hungry hunters – egg mayonnaise ones are always the first to go!

For a little activity set up a “decorate your own cupcake” station. Fill plates and bowls with cream cheese icing, chocolate speckled eggs, marzipan carrots as “bunny bait”, chocolate covered pretzel sticks are “nest twigs” and coconut chocolate balls act like “bunny tails”. Award prizes for the best one!

Truly Bunny-9Truly Bunny-11Truly Bunny-10easter party ideasTruly Bunny-13

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Remove the puffy cotton ball tail off one of the bunnies from the Truly Bunny bunting and have the kids play a mini game of Pin the Tail on the Bunny.

Truly Bunny-14

Easter Egg Guessing Game

Fill a glass storage jar with chocolate Easter eggs and ask guests to Guess How Many are in the jar, and the closest one to the right answer gets to win it!

Truly Bunny-15

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt is a must! Hide lots and lots of eggs and provide kiddies with the Truly Bunny paper bags and line them up to “Get Ready, Get Eggy, Go!”

easter egg hunt


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