Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas & Printables!

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas & Printables!

Wake up Mum to a surprise breakfast, hopefully the weather will be warm and you can have the meal outside or alternatively serve her breakfast in bed. To make things easy (especially if this really is the one day a year you prepare the meal) serve a cold brunch. Opt for foods like Greek yoghurt with granola, savoury quiches, croissants with salmon and cream cheese, mini muffins, and a cheese board with fruit and nuts. And no need to worry about the washing up, use the pretty Porcelain Blue paper cups, plates, napkins and platters that look just like the real thing!


Love is in the details

If you are going to pop into the bakery for your pastries , give them a bit of love but adding the Porcelain Blue paper and twine with the pretty printable circle tags and flags. Download the Printable Mothers Day Circles and Flags below.

Tea and Conversation

Naturally have lots of hot tea ready to serve, but make the tea part of the decorations too. Here Porcelain Blue teapots bunting was strung up overhead and teapots were filled with blush coloured flowers – the Porcelain Blue paper teapot vase would definitely be a talking point.

Breathing Space

Give Mum a long lie in on Sunday morning. So that everyone gets the hint, use our cute printable door hanger to convey the message; and Mum can let you know when she is ready. Download the Printable Mothers Day Door Sign below.

Cheers my Dear!

This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this extra nicety. Before the morning chaos ensues take a moment to thank your Mom for everything she does. Better yet express sentiments by having a mini toast with mimosas: a cocktail easily made by combining equal parts champagne and chilled citrus fruit juice, usually orange juice. Try the Porcelain Gold Champagne Glasses for the chin chin!

World’s Greatest

If there was a prize you know your Mum would win it. Present her with a printable rosette so that she can wear her honour all day. Download the Printable Mothers Day Rosette below.

Coundown Gifts

To make this year’s Mothers Day the best yet, prepare three gifts for your Mom. Begin two nights before the Sunday:

Two days before… Give everyone in the family a copy of printable blank Mothers Day card in an envelope. Encourage everyone to write all the things they love about her; and these can be read out at the brunch. Download the Printable Mothers Day Card below.

The night before… Gift Mom a Pamper gift box filled with bath essentials: a massage brush, bath gel, scented soap, candle, fizzy bath tablets and tea sachets. Perfect for a relaxing soak that evening or in the morning (while you are preparing everything for the meal). Print out our “Best Mom Ever” gift tag and wrap with the matching Party Porcelain Paper Table Cover.

Download the Printable Mothers Day Tags below.

On the day… Spoil Mom with a gift of your choice, definitely somet hing luxurious that she would not likely  buy herself: fancy pyjamas, gourmet chocolates, her favourite perfume…

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