New Kilner Glassware for Summer Parties!

New Kilner Glassware for Summer Parties!

We’re very excited about our new range of Kilner glassware! We’ve got a colourful collection of vintage style dispensers, handled drinking glasses and glass bottles all perfect for Summer entertaining!

Kilner Jars and Dispensers

Kilner Drinks Dispensers

Drinks dispensers have become hugely popular for entertaining, especially within the wedding industry where they’re often displayed on a rustic table draped with bunting for a Summer fete style.

Kilner Glassware

Although they’re perfect for Summer weddings, there is no limit to where they can be used. These are just a few suggestions on where a drinks dispenser would come in handy:

  • Family barbecue – One of the main issues of catering outside is the limited storage space, this often means you’re left running in and out of the house with supplies and drinks for your guests. If you had a large Kilner drinks dispenser filled with your drink of choice you would limit your need to go inside the house to keep your guests refreshed!
  • Children’s parties – Ditch the need for multiple plastic jugs and instead fill a couple of Kilner dispensers with classic orange and blackcurrant squash!
  • Year round celebrations – These dispensers can be used inside and outside so they’re ideal for keeping drinks fresh whatever the season.
  • Street parties
  • Fetes
  • Garden parties – Serving Pimms by the glass can often be time consuming, getting the ratio and fruit combination perfect in each glass. It’s so easy to fill a Kilner drinks dispenser with a big glug of Pimms and lemonade, then simply fill your glasses with fruit and ice so the classic punch is created when you fill them up! You could always add some fruit to the dispenser too to add a bit of decoration and extra flavour!
  • Lemonade stand – Serve homemade lemonade in the dispenser and sell by the cup to raise money for charities and schools!
  • Cocktail party
  • Fruit infused water – As a light refreshment throughout the day leave your dispenser filled with water and lots of fruit, your fruit will infuse into the water leaving you with a subtle fruity taste. Citrus fruits are best for this along with a selection of berries!
  • Meetings & Conferences – You may not envision the Kilner Drinks Dispenser being of use to the corporate world but it’s perfect for serving cold drinks at breakfast meetings and conferences!

Our Kilner drinks dispensers come in a choice of clear, blue and pink and we also have a useful dispenser stand too!

Kilner Handled Jars

Kilner Jars with Handles

These quirky handled jars make such a fun way to serve drinks! They come in a choice of clear, blue and pink so you can either mix and match a selection or choose one colour if you’re matching them to a party theme. Possible uses for these cute little jars include:

  • Smoothies and shakes – they’re the perfect size for filling with your favourite healthy smoothies and shakes!
  • Frappucino – Recreate this coffee shop classic adding whipped cream, sauce and a paper straw on top.
  • Hot chocolate – These jars can be used with warm drinks (don’t pour boiling directly into them!), for a winter party why not try serving up hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!
  • Mulled Cider
  • Cocktails
  • Mocktails
  • Food! – It’s not just drinks you can serve in these useful jars, layer up ingredients for salads, healthy breakfasts with yoghurt, berries and seeds, create desserts and build delicious sundaes!

Kilner Clip Top Bottles

Kilner BottlesKilner Bottles

These handy bottles come in two different sizes – a large 1l bottle and dainty 250 ml bottle and like all Kilner products they have many uses. For weddings the 1l bottle offers something a little more unique an rustic than a standard water carafe. Just place one on each table with a “help yourself” kraft label tied with twine, or you could label two different bottles with “still” and “sparkling” water to offer your guests a choice. Other ways to use these clip top bottles include:

  • Infusing water
  • Storing drinks at a picnic
  • Infusing alcohol such as cranberry gin & vodka – The 250ml bottles are ideal for turning them into little gifts!
  • Infusing oil
  • Party and wedding favours
  • Rustic vases for flowers – especially large singular flowers such as gerbera.
  • Salad dressing
  • Storing sauces and marinade

We hope this gives you some fun ideas to try at home, if you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear from you!


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