Cactus Party Ideas for Summer!

Cactus Party Ideas for Summer!

The cactus trend has been around for a while, although it used to be that cacti were similar to marmite in the way that individuals either seemed to love them or hate them. Now, I think it’s fair to say we’ve all become a little obsessed with them. It’s rare to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing one of those ridiculously perfect interior images with a cactus carefully placed in the background. I’m no exception, I absolutely love them; they’re cute, quirky and probably one of the only house plants I don’t manage to kill off. Not only are they popular with interior bloggers and house plant fanatics, they’re becoming a party favourite too! Here’s a few fun ways to incorporate this hardy little water-hoarding plant into your summer parties.

Cactus Party Bunting

Unique and colourful, our wooden cactus bunting is perfect for setting a tropical scene. Each garland features light and dark green cacti strung on hot pink twine. A fun party prop that can be re-used each summer, or a cute addition to your bedroom decor.


Printable Cupcake Stand

Oh Happy Day have shared a printable cactus cupcake stand for you to print and fashion at home. Simply follow their easy how-to below then top with your favourite cakey treats; top cupcakes with a dollop of green buttercream then add a scatter of chocolate sprinkles to make them look like the top of a spiky cactus!

cactus-cake-standImage Source: Oh Happy Day

DIY Cake Toppers

Go for more of an abstract look with these psychedelic cacti cake toppers. They’re made with foam sheets and the details are added with paint so you could mix and match the colours to suit your summer party theme.

cactus-cake-topperImage Source: Tell, Love & Party

Cactus Ice Cream Cones

I wonder how long these actually keep their shape? They might not be totally practical but who cares, they look amazing and I bet they taste incredible too. These are made with pistachio ice cream – my absolute fave.

cactus-ice-creamImage Source: A Subtle Revelry

Potted Macarons

Talking point and tasty treat, these show-stopping macarons are so cute! Arrange in a cluster to make a unique centrepiece or use them to top your celebration cakes.

cactus-macaronsImage Source: Sugar & Cloth

Cactus String Lights

Light up your party scene with teenie tiny cactus string lights. The green plastic cacti are secured to a bendy wire string, perfect for decorating difficult spaces!


Cacti Cookies

One for the creative cookie designers among us – how beautiful are these iced sugar cookies? If you’re up for the challenge you could make (or buy) sugar cookies and decorate them with delicate royal icing cacti. They might take a little time to create but they’re so effective!

cute-cactus-sugar-cookiesImage Source: Tell, Love & Party

Tropical Paper Straws

Our Hot Summer paper straws are ideal for adding a quick, tropical touch to your celebration. Each pink straw features either a bright yellow pineapple or quirky cactus.


Want more cactus party ideas? We’re so obsessed we’ve even created a dedicated Pinterest board for the succulent, check it out here.


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