Top 5 Summer Catering Essentials

Top 5 Summer Catering Essentials

The first sign of sun and it’s mission BBQ; scrubbing the grill, emptying the barbeque aisle in the supermarket, ice trays in the freezer and all hands on deck. Make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable with some of our favourite summer catering supplies.


  1. No one likes a barrier of lemonade before they can reach their Pimms – mix it up with our tropical palm tree drink stirrers. Practical and fun, these quirky stirrers are ideal for adding summery decoration to cocktails and mocktails.
  2. These colourful food baskets are so versatile; keep them as they are for whole fruits or line with paper napkins and serve your favourite summer snacks!
  3. For handheld treats like burgers and hotdogs, these flamingo food trays are perfect. Things can get messy when munching BBQ food, these disposable trays will catch any morsels that dare to ooze out!
  4. Filling drinks can be a faff if you’re occupied elsewhere with party prep; let your guests help themselves with handy Kilner drinks dispensers. Fill with a selection of your favourite refreshments such as signature cocktails and fruit infused water.
  5. Ice cream is definitely a summer essential, easily serve your favourite icy desserts with these cute tropical food tubs. They’re great for fresh fruit salads and sweets too!

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