5 Valentine’s Day Ideas

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas


February 14th is the traditional date to show your love each year – though hopefully you declare it more often than that! You may want to forgo the boxes of chocolates and bunches of flowers, but who wants to give up the chance of a celebration with the people they love? Here we offer a few fun Valentine’s Day ideas for both him and her! For more Valentine-themed supplies click here.


1. Sealed with a kiss
Children might enjoy making a card or two in the run-up to February 14th; it can be fun and will add to the traditional element of the day: surely a Valentine is one of the nicest letters to receive! They can either send them anonymously to classmates or friends.

2. Hot date
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean a table for two at a couple-filled restaurant with an expensive  ‘romantic’ set menu and low lights; why not stay in and have an intimate date for two.  Instead of going out to the cinema, why not recreate a movie theatre at home with a romantic film and snuggle up together in your very own back row, complete with cartons of popcorn.

3. Spread the love
Make it fun and throw a Valentine-themed party for a few friends, or have a special Valentine’s supper with the kids. Set the table in reds and pinks to mark the occasion and fill jam jars with carnations, tea lights. and heart-shaped sparklers. Hang some heart decorations around the room for extra kitsch-factor and drink sparkling wine or specially mixed Valentine’s cocktails from hot pink glasses. To complete the spread, decorate the table with the romantic Toot Sweet Pink partyware.

heart sparklers  push pops

4. Small things
Start the day with a chocolate heart in each of the kids’ cereal bowls for a surprise breakfast treat, and with a mystery card that has arrived in the post. When they get home from school make it a teatime celebration with jam-tarts, rocky road and chocolate spread sandwiches. Hang heart-shaped balloons on the back of their chairs, and send friends home with a bag full of friendship rings. If it is just the family, get together and make some Heart Cake Push Pops.

5. Keepsakes and trinkets
Create a few rhyming clues for a treasure hunt around the house to unearth bags of Love Hearts and other little Valentine’s gifts that Cupid has lovingly hidden for family members. Contents will of course vary depending upon the age of the seeker, but why not use pretty fabric bags and fill them with their individual favourite things. These heart-shaped bath fizzers would be perfect for weary parents in need of a relaxing soak, for example…


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